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A Perfect Score

In Life,Personal on October 8, 2012 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Let me take this opportunity to brag about the awesome score I got for my NetMark class:

I totally worked my ass off just to finish this article for our client, but to actually get a perfect score was nothing short but amazing!!! I finished writing the article like around 4am after so much research and editing and OMG… I don’t even want to recall the ordeal I had to go through and cry but OMFG, I got a perfect score in the end!!! That’s all that matters!!!!

This feels so surreal, I’m not even kidding… Even my Prof’s feedback was really heartwarming. I hope our client likes my article and choose it. That’s when I get paid 5 dollars. HA!

But it’s for the experience, yo! I don’t mind if he’s ripping us off since we’re students. In time, in time…. :3

BTW, I would also like to take the time and promote my other blog.

Also if you got the chance, please vote for Lexie Nino by clicking this. Just scroll down at the bottom of the page and select my name. It will help a lot because voting comprises 30% of our grade. HAHA!!! I know I said before that I won’t participate in this anymore but a good friend of mine, John, told me I should give myself a fighting chance. 30% is still 30%. Hope you’ll help me out~

Thanks so much!

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Fast Fact:

I like pork isaw ❤