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Review: Waking Gods

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I like and really enjoyed Sleeping Giants but this… I’m in love with this story!

There’s just so many things we have yet to discover in this world where Rose, and her team resides. I didn’t know what to expect but it was sure full of action!

As a recap, in the previous book, they had to give up Themis for world peace because of the political tension happening everywhere when they discovered the existence of the giant robot. To rectify this, Earth Defense Corps was created under the supervision of the UN. This is more like for show, though. Themis wouldn’t fight unless there really is a reason for her to fight. But after almost a decade doing parades and photo ops , Themis would really have to face her first fight and her fight of a lifetime.

This book has the same format as the first book but you can really feel the action happening despite being mostly in dialogues. You’ll be on edge of your seat and you wouldn’t want anything but to root for them. To wish for their success in this impossible fight against these giant aliens because wth… who would have thought that these aliens will really go back to Earth to do whatever it is they meant to do?

Ghad. This book is brutal.

I had so much feelings when reading this books, I thought imma have a heart attack! I cried a lot too! The kind of cry where you have audible sobs! I didn’t even bother getting a tissue to wipe my tears so my shirt was wet with all of my tears.

Not an exaggeration.

So… many people died in this book and honestly, I’m still reeling over it. It hurt so much. And I know that whatever happened (even the sad ones) would be relevant to whatever it is that is gonna happen at the conclusion of this story but for now, let me mourn them… Sigh…

This book is really good. I’ll give it all the stars if I could as a rating. You gotta read it, guys! This series is seriously sooo good! Ugh… You have got to join me in this sadness…! but seriously, I love it! So go go go and read it!


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