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Review: The Last Olympian

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We finally reached the final installment of the series. The epic story of Percy Jackson has ended…

Or is it…? Haha! But that’s a story for next time.

Anyway, like what I mentioned before when I wrote the review for The Sea of Monsters, Rick Riodan has a vision. It seems like the moment he penned the first book, the whole story is pretty much complete at that point. Because everything connected itself flawlessly to tell this epic tale to the end!

I would say that The Last Olympian is my favorite book. This is where the last pieces of the puzzle was put together. Now, everything made sense. The prophecy, choices made by our heroes, even Rachel Dare’s role in everything. Imagine? She’s not just the side chic to complicate things!

Rick Riodan was able to bind everything together so perfectly that I have no qualms whatsoever. All the mystery from the previous books was addressed and in such a way that I am most satisfied.

Not just the manner of his writing, I actually really like the story that went on in this last book. It still kept the number of pages from the earlier books but it didn’t feel rushed (like what I felt when the last series for Mockingjay) or lacking. I liked each battle. How the heroes tried their best to fend off Kronos’ minions. I also got teary eyed when the spy passed away. I’m glad she redeemed herself and died a hero. I feel sad that there were a lot of heroes that died but well, it’s war…

And that last scene with Luke… it was painful. It was painful for everybody especially for Annabeth… but ugh, it really got me…

But yaaaayyy! We finally got to see Annabeth and Percy together, as a couple! That’s the kind of slow burn I really like! And I think it was written really well! Haha! Annabeth and Percy deserves each other. They’ve proven it time and time again. It wasn’t the main focus of the story but I appreciate that because sometimes, adding a love story ruins the essence of the book. Plus the ending made it all up for it! Haha! Athena being so overprotective is such a funny thing, too!

I actually really enjoyed how Rick Riodan gave distinct personalities to these Mythological characters (Like Apollo’s haiku, Hera’s temper, Demeter and her cereals…). You come to appreciate them even more. And their lines are just really engaging! And I’m not sure if I said this before but I’ve always thought that the way he created Percy, heroic and funny, is such a blessing! I can’t hate him! He’s a sweetheart! I never get tired of his one liners or his smart ass remarks. Unfortunately, Annabeth can always whip his sorry a**. Haha!

Ugh. I just really love it, okay. Everything about this series. I’m really, really glad I discovered it :3

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