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Birthday Wish

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‘There’s nobody, and it’s your birthday!’

Yunho turned around. ‘Because I wanted to make it special. Come here.’

As soon as BoA was beside him, he blew the candle.

Surprised, she asked, ‘What’d you wish for?’

‘If I tell you, would you grant it?’

BoA smiled. ‘Try me..’

‘I wished for us to be together.’


‘I… can grant your wish only if you grant mine. ‘ Yunho looked confused but was determined. ‘Tell me you love me.’

He smiled thoughtfully. ‘I… won’t say it.. I’ll show you.’ he caressed BoA’s cheeks and planted a kiss on her lips.

And like that, wishes were granted.


– – –

I wish I could’ve elaborated this story a little bit more but since I was constrained to use only 100 words for a drabble, I didn’t have a choice.

But I think that was good enough. Again, cheesy! Just the way I like it. Muwahahahahahahaha!!! I wish another idea strikes me so I can write another one :3

– – –

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