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SBS Come Back Stage: BoA4354

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For those who missed BoA’s comeback stage earlier today, you’re lucky to have come across this blog post :3


Hurricane Venus


Girls on Top + My Name + No. 1


Mayday! Mayday! + Tree


Not Over U


The Shadow


Only One


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So, I was supposed to go to my make up class earlier but fuck it. Today is BoA’s comeback stage! Does my professor expect me to actually choose her shitty class over my precious BoA? I GUESS NOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!

And I don’t regret it one bit!!!! LOL!!!!

BoA’s comeback stage was more than I could have ever imagined… It was so flawless and amazing and spectacular!!! It was really special!!!!

I actually streamed it live and surprisingly, I didn’t get any problems doing so considering the fact that internet connection in the Philippines sucks big time. Anyway, to start, BoA sang her phenomenal Hurricane Venus. She emerged from the stage looking so fantastic! Nothing too flashy. Even her hair wasn’t styled so fabulously. It was so toned down but as soon as she started singing, BOOM!!!! Everybody got blown away! What, with the live singing and live band playing in the background… even an orchestra and her trademark back up singers…!!! If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought I was watching a concert instead! It was so explosive!!!

Basically, BoA sang most of her title tracks from most of her previous albums. Listening to Girls On Top, My Name and No. 1 felt so nostalgic!! And she was able to execute the dance routine so easily when it’s really so hard!!! Couple that up with live singing!!! It’s so perfect! Oh gawd, she was able to hit the notes accurately! She was really at her best condition!

It was even more emphasized when she started singing some of her ballads. Mayday! Mayday! and Tree was so emotional and beautiful… I can feel my heart tightening just hearing her amazing performance… And you can really feel yourself tearing up!!! Just a quick fact, This is the second time she has ever sang Tree. The last time was around 2003, 9 years ago, after her manager got involved in a horrific car accident :c So you can just feel the power behind the song…



And then there’s also The Shadow that she wrote herself. The lyrics in itself is quite strong. It as if BoA narrating her own life story, in relation to her fans who has always followed her like her very own shadow all these years. Her gratitude towards them, towards us… It was really touching… Aside from that, this song performance was also accompanied by a very unique and awesome dancing!!! The hand movements were so dope! And while filming the actual performance, they were also showing snippets of BoA “recordings“! Seriously! It’ll only be a matter of time until she unveils her follow up music video!!! Arg!!!! Those previous were just fueling my hunger to see it now! N.O.W.!!!!


As a finale, BoA performed Only One with a special participation of Yunho-oppa!!!! Kyah!!! I was anticipating this since forever and it did not disappoint!!!! It was short but not disappointing!!! I was seriously so excited seeing them dance alongside each other! BoA looked so tiny beside him!!! They are so cute!!! What a cute couple! OMFG…. They are perfect!!!! They should really end up together and make babies and make the whole world happy!!! I’ve been reading numerous comments and posts from netizens and it seems like majority of them doesn’t mind if these two actually end up being a real couple!!! They were in fact very supportive!!!


I thought Yunho would kiss BoA at that moment. LOL!

The whole comeback stage lasted for about an hour but it felt so short!!! Like seriously!!! I wish these could be more songs she could’ve performed… Like Hope, my most favorite song from her latest album. Ah… But compared to other artists who are given 6-10 minutes to perform their comeback stage, an hour long BoA goodness is far more than what anyone could ever ask for.  I just miss you BoA so, soooo much!!! Hope to see more of you!!! In Inkigayo okay?! With Tamin!!!! Kyah!!!



There were a lot of behind the scene footages and interview during the whole show and this in particular obviously caught my attention. HAHA!!!! It was seriously so random… But who cares!!! It’s BoA dancing to Genie!!!! Oh puh-lease!!! Can I ask for more?! My BoShi feels!!! If only SNSD could perform more BoA and BoA to perform more SNSD… HAHA!!! EPIC!

And the most amazing ending to this show:



BoA is not the funniest person alive because of her strong and straightforward personality but this is just so BoA jjang!!! HAHA!!!

Hope you enjoyed it y’all!!!

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