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In Everyday,Life,Personal,Rant on December 14, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Welp, with the Christmas time looming in, people are starting to panic buy for friends and loved ones… including me!

So when we went to the mall, I ended up buying more stuff… ughhh!

I bought the exchange gift for JH. She wanted a hand cream so I went to Bath and Body Works to buy some body lotion. I was actually looking for ‘hand creams’ but there was none. Hope they’re the same?

Anyway, since I finished shopping for JH early and my mom is still doing her thang, same with my brother, I went to Express and omg… all the clothes there are to ky liking! It took all my power to stop myself from picking just about everything I see! Ugh. Luckily (not), I was able to buy just one thing. And it’s a really cute purple sweater! I can’t wait to wear it!

And then lastly, my brother wanted to go to TJMaxx. Ugh… that’s like my favorite store! I always end up buying something from there and today was no different… I saw this Luxury Cracker pack for 12 and it’s a number perfect for my department! I know I didn’t have to, I mean, that’s why we have the exchange gift, but it’s so cute and thoughtful and… WHY THE FUCK NOT???

So yeah, I only spent money and now I’m broke. Super broke.