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Super Saiyan

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I… must be turning into a Super Saiyan.

I’ve realized that for some reason, I am able to balance my work, Tumblr, Twitter, Drawing, Books, Kpop and Animé time altogether!

I am absolutely pleased how I’ve managed everything without batting an eyelash! In fact, next Saturday, I’m even going to a convention with friends (We’ll be having a BoA booth at the Best of Animé convention. See you there!).

Meaning, I haven’t completely compromised my social life :3


Heck, just last Friday, my friends and I from work even had a little dinner at Greenbelt and I was also there to celebrate Ayesha’s birthday so I was able to seemy bestfriend.

Stuff :3

To add, I’m able to squeeze in a bit of drama in between my free time. Hihi! About a month ago I finished Sooyoung’s drama and this week, inma watch BoA’s drama debut. I don’t care if it’s RAWWW. I’ll be sure to catch that!


Gawd, I don’t even know what was I going for when I made this post but yeah. My ability to juggle everything is admirable so kudos to you Lexie-chan! I just really want to have a visual proof for this so there.


Oh, shout out to the bestfriend who sent me this:


Really? You had to insinuate my single status life???!!?!!?!?!???!?@#Qrtreraks df;LAD:X

Gonna end my friendship with this freakin’ bishhhh right now.


You know I love you ‘dalla ❤

Seriously though, it’s great talking to you over skype. I’m so happy we found a little time to talk and gossip about people. HAHA!

But I gotta go to bed now… Ugh.

Until my next blog post! Next time I’ll try to make more sense and stop rambling like right now. My thoughts were everywhere! I honestly don’t even understand any of this now.




I’m obsessed with Galaxy Supernova! You have got to see it right now! N.O.W.!!!!