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SNSD Project: Seo Juhyun (aka Seohyun)

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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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– – –

Seo Juhyun

I can’t believe I have finally reached my last SNSD Project with Seohyun. Throughout the past few months, I’ve really enjoyed delving deep into this fandom, discovering new things about the gurls and just connecting with them :3

With Seohyun… Ahh… Really, where do I even begin?

Actually, I was never interested with Seohyun. I found nothing spectacular about her character. I thought she was really plain and boring. Even watching a whole bunch of SNSD vid didn’t help me like her until I was introduced to ‘We Got Married‘. It’s a popular Korean show about celebrities/idols experiencing the married life (or dating) with another celebrity/idol.

I swear to God, I never intended watching it. Or even if I wanted to, I would’ve watched the Adam Couple or Khuntoria first. I don’t remember how it happened but I just ended up watching this adorable Goguma Couple!!!

Since the show was centered around Seohyun, I was able to know more about her. Watching SNSD shows with all the gurls isn’t enough to appreciate Seohyun’s character because she rarely talks and always shies away. She also have this habit of making way for her unnies before she speaks up.

Anyway, through this show, I was able to expound Seohyun’s character that I have always thought poorly of. I’ve always neglected her… This time, I’ll address all my misconceptions and share funny tidbits I discovered about her:

1. Seohyun’s upright way if living. To be honest, I’ve never seen a person close to how Seohyun lives her life. She’s one of the very few people in existence who follows strict principles in life. For example, she took it upon herself to wake up her unnies in the morning to avoid being late for their schedule  even fining the other members for every minute they are late. It doesn’t matter if you’re late by a minute  LATE is LATE in maknae’s vocabulary. Not only that, she writes her daily goals on her diary and make sure to follow through. There are also various stories about her ‘tightness‘ when it comes to money. She remembers every single penny anybody borrows from her (even from years ago, when she was a trainee.). And she pays her debt exactly to the last penny. She is just….. Too thorough? Haha! Even in the commoners world, I’ve never seen such character in my whole life! It’s really something that sets her apart, even as an idol.

But there’s something that I admire her for, it is her desire to learn. She doesn’t compromise her education and tries to prove that even as an entertainer, she bears intelligence that can transcend every prejudice people think of them just coz they are ‘celebrities‘. She even revealed on WGM that if she really studies well, she can even rank second in their class. I honestly think she can even be a top student. I think that’s just her being modest. But that’s nice :3

2. Seohyun’s obsession in upholding a healthy living. While everybody enjoys burgers and fries from yummy fast food chains, Seohyun would be the only soul who would destroy your appetite by telling you how you’ll end up dying eating those junk. It was too much that even YoonA and Sunny consider it as a threat rather than a sound advice. Haha!

She really does take care of her body well.

It’s funny, too how Seohyun and her virtual husband Yonghwa were dubbed as the ‘Goguma couple‘ thanks to Seohyun’s love for sweet potatoes! Not just in WGM, signs of Seohyun’s love for gogumas were showcased in different shows such as Intimate Note and Haha Mong Show :3

Well, as long as it’s healthy, it’s A-okay for our favorite maknae :3 she’s so cute, it’s unbearable!!!

3. Seohyun’s apparent disinterest in men. Prior to WGM, it seemed like Seohyun never had any direct contact with men. I think it is even safe to assume that she never liked a man before… I didn’t even know it was possible! It was even to the point that the unnies wants to ‘pimp’ her so bad just so she can experience it. We all know that Seohyun is an only child that may have had the littlest interaction with the male species, but her focus in improving herself can’t even compare to how little she pays attention to her love life. So far, I’ve never heard her mention any desire to marry or just as simple as to get a boyfriend… It’s so peculiar… I doubt she’ll grow old alone but her dedication to achieving her life’s goal first before entering a relationship is admirable! You can’t see that everyday. I dare say it’s only of the many aspect she possesses that sets her apart from everybody :3

Although during their recent Beatle’s Code episode, she kinda revealed the qualities of her ideal man. That’s just about it, unfortunately. It’s really least of her concern at the moment.

4. Seohyun’s weird habits. It’s kinda related to the first post. Anyway, Seohyun is the type of person who ALWAYS wears her seatbelt. In Korea (and most of the foreign countries), seat belts aren’t really required for back seat passengers  but for her, it is a crime if you don’t wear one! She’s all about safety and prevention.

Also, she has a very scary sleeping habits. Yes, scary, not funny like Taeyeon’s. Maknae is so uptight that as soon as she hears her alarm, she wakes up immediately in an upright position. She’s always keeping up with her schedule and doesn’t want to delay schedules. Like I mentioned, she keeps a certain routine to herself. One of them for example is studying new vocabularies 30 minutes a day, drink her healthy concoctions each morning, brushing her teeth a certain time span, etc. it’s not just a routine. I think it’s already a habit meaning, she’s been doing it a looooong time now. Not that it’s bad though coz I never thought that way about her before.

And ultimately, her use of formal speech. She’s been with SNSD for five years and then add to that her training years but up until now, she never talked to them informally. It’s always a formal speech which is quite weird normally when you’re friends. I don’t know Korean but you can hear a distinct difference in her speech and the other members’. It’s so weird…

And she can’t wink until very recently… I think during or after ‘The Boys‘ era, she learned how to wink (only her left side) by continuous practicing. Oh… Before that, who can forget her failed wink on Strong Heart? That was too much!!!!

Adorkable in it’s finest!!! She really practiced and she did so well. Haha! Perfect winks during ‘Twinkle‘ and ‘Paparazzi‘ baby! Kekekekeke

And her non-existent aegyo! HAHA!

She’s really super different from the people her age, be them an idol or a commoner… Such a unique person…

5. Seohyun’s 4D personality. I don’t know how to exactly explain it but she’s so different, she’s almost like a 4D character. (This is a bit of a continuation from the 4th post.)

During their debut days, or even until recently, she has proclaimed her love for Sgt. Keroro, a popular animé starring ‘Frogs’. She even tried dubbing a couple of scenes before with her mom and dad Taeyeon and Tiffany before. She has Sgt. Keroro OSTs, dolls, blankets, etc. once before, she decorated their dorm with Keroro stickers! She posted it EVERYWHERE without telling the unnies. In a way, she’s such an otaku (and a rebel. Haha)! So adorable!!!!!

She listens to meditating songs/music, too like flowing water, chirping sounds, etc.  Not even old people does that on a regular day…………….

She chose to donate blood during that time when she celebrated her 100th day (?) with Younghwa and so much more…

It’s just…. Not normal…

6. Her desire to learn is admirable. Unlike other idols who neglected their studies, Seohyun makes it a point to keep up with her academics and she has a goal. She’s driven and dedicated. It doesn’t mean that because she’s busy doing her schedules, she wouldn’t have time to give to studying.. In fact, she’s very studious!

She reads a lot of self-help books as well. And she’s well read. She’s was even appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the UN 2012 Yeosu Expo. It’s just so awesome!!! NO ONE else can ever reach that level.

Even perfecting her English speaking skills!!! You can barely hear her Korean accent when talking! I was shocked!!! All her hard work really paid off… She’s a great example to all!

7. Sophisticated and poised. Seohyun is seriously the perfect bride (Minus her overly upright way of living. Not a bad thing but quite excessive at times.). She is level headed. Her opinion makes sense and they matter. She knows how to handle situations even when it comes to money matters, she’s very caring and she’s just a very well-rounded lady.

She carries herself confidently but never with an air of arrogance. Actually, she’s very polite and kind to people around her. It doesn’t matter if they are regular people, she is just so respectful to everyone. I bet even if she’s a world class artist (they are alteady, kinda), she will never EVER be arrogant.

And whatever she does, it is of elegance. It’s so appropriate, too how everybody calls her SeoLADY now as opposed to being called affectionately by fans as SeoBABY/SeoBB  before (coz she’s the maknae). Gawd, just the way she dresses up is just so… Elegant! Haha! Sophisticated Seohyun and totally lovin’ it :3

For example. Yuri dresses up and acts elegant. But I’d say it’s just a projection whereas when it comes to Seohyun, she has been the same way since the very beginning. I don’t have any words to describe it. And most especially now. Her clothes during several Fashion showcases… Ugh…!

8. Not just as a singer but Seohyun is a talented musician, too. She plays the piano really, REALLY well! She can actually read notes and can play piano pieces right away! She mentioned that she studied violin before, too but stopped a long, long time ago but when Younghwa asked her to play some violin on the spot, she was able to do so just by reading the musical sheet!!! She actually does it well, too!!! And she learned how to play the guitar from her virtual husband! She’s so awesome!!! And even when singing, she knows how to blend well by herself. I know how to sing and I’ve had the experience to sing in a choir but blending to the melody on my own is something I cannot do. What more if it’s on the spot… Wow… Seohyun is full of surprises.

9. But because of all these, especially her upright way of living, she somehow became a non-flexible person. If nothing goes her way, she gets weird. Actually, even if she has a meek personality, she’s actually quite demanding. She knows what she wants and will go for it. Haha! So fun to watch!!! I still remember that episode in ‘Running Man‘. She was selected as a chaser and gawd, her determination to eliminate everybody was scary!!! This particular personality was showcased more than a few times on We Got Married, too. Haha! Younghwa almost couldn’t handle her but still, it’s so fun to watch!!! Watching her is like watching an alien for the very first time. Haha! One of a kind.

10. And lastly, her undeniable affectionate side. She really does take care of of her unnies. She thinks highly of them and respects them. She’s not someone to demand her wants when it concerns the group but when asked, she always comes up with some seriously well thought of opinion that could improve them as a team.

And how she affectionately talked about her friend Hwanhee was so heartwarming..

And that one self-cam interview she had during their show ‘All About Girls’ Generation‘… I was seriously touched by how much love she has for her members and her parents.. How much she looks up to them and love them unconditionally… I was teary eyed as I was watching it. It was so emotional that even Hyoyeon came to comfort her.. And that episode , too when her mom guested in this KJE show…

Awww… She is the very epitome of perfection. And from ever since, I’ve never heard any bad accounts about her. She is genuine.

Seohyun is real :3

–  – –

When I started writing this SNSD project, I didn’t expect I’ll love the girls even more than I did before. I spend so much time writing every post, accompanied by real accounts and videos, discovering new stuff and aww… I’m happy that I feel like I’m so much closer to them. There’s no way to explain this feeling if you’ve never been involved in fandom yourself but yeah…

After these project, I feel so accomplished.

Concluding this project on SNSD’s 5th year anniversary! I’m a couple of days late but hey, just continue the love :3

Watch Soshified’s 5th year anniversary video tribute to our beloved gurls :3 One of the best videos ever made!!! So heartfelt and nostalgic… :3