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Mr.Mr. Album Review

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And the much awaited comeback has finally come.

There’s been a lot of mishap and drama prior to this but I can truly say that the wait was all worth it. Not because us SONEs have waited for this comeback for more than a year, but because this mini album is really of high quality that I dare say it’s comparable to their Japanese albums :3



Mr.Mr. — The album started with their title track Mr.Mr. The intro music gives you this ominous vibe and then freakin’ Taeyeon opens the song with a bang. I like the transition of each stanzas as it drives towards the catchy chorus. The Mistah Mistah Mr. Mr. catch phrase was so addicting! And there’s also this weird anticipation I get as I wait for each girl to sing their part. Maybe because the segregation of the lines were perfect. And I loved YoonA’s part. I can’t explain it. I just do!

Ah. Towards the bridge, we hear a lot of adlibs from Taeyeon and Tiffany as well. As it builds up for the ultimate ending, I was already at the edge of my seat. I was very impressed by the display of vocals here. Definitely an easy track to love. A good comeback song, too ❤


Goodbye — If I can selfishly decide which tracks these girls should promote, I’d say I wanna couple Mr.Mr. promotion with Goodbye. I absolutely love this song! The chorus was so good! It really makes you feel good inside although it’s not exactly a happy song as it talks about breaking up (well duh). And can we just take a moment and appreciate the awesomeness, that is Hyoyeon, as she delivered her lines? It was able to really highlight her vocal color and it’s just really a good track. I keep on listening to this over and over again!


Europa — This song gives you a somewhat magical girl feels. Iuno. It’s perky and dreamy. Even Taeyeon’s voice sunded like bubblegum. I can’t say it’s as strong as the other tracks but it really is fun to listen to. An easy song to bring you to a good mood.


Wait A Minute — It was love at first sight (or tune) when I first listened to this song. It’s just so great! It’s like a classic SNSD song with a twist. It’s because this time, they get to utilize the non-main vocals of the group to actually showcase their singing capabilities and then winging it. I can’t understand Korean (even if I try and sell my soul to Satan. It just isn’t happening)  but I can definitely feel the playfulness in their lyrics and that’s enough for me to fall in love with it.


Back Hug — And if you end up not liking this song then don’t talk to me ever again. We’re not friends.

Back Hug is all kinds of awesome. The flowery and sweet voice of each members just makes my whole body tingle. It’s really so good. Especially those parts where they kinda whisper the words, like a sweet sigh and I just–. I love it to death! And then Seohyun and Tiffany’s part during the bridge was a sure killer! I didn’t expect Tiffany was capable for those kind of song delivery. Ugh. This song gives me feels, I swear… I think I’m in love!


Soul — I didn’t expect that Soul would make the cut for this album. I thought they have an all new songs. Not a remake. I… I actually like this song. But after listening to this song for sooooo many times in Chinese, the Korean version now feels strange. And Tiffany’s rapping is not in Korean. If only they have retained at least that instead of making it Korean then maybe I’ll love this version as much as I did the first one. HOWEVER, I still love Suny’s part. Hihi!



And so… What I’m saying is, I really really love this mini album. I was shocked because I am normally not an avid fan of their Korean releases but… I mean, I barely listened to I Got A Boy (and I only ever listen to two tracks from that album) and any of their other Korean albums for that matter (big fan of their Japanese albums!) but this… THIS!

I’m so impressed!

I love it so much that I freakin’ bought the album already! HAHA! It’s the first SNSD Korean album I ever bought in my life. So just imagine how satisfied I am when I listened to all the tracks.

And let’s not forget the concept for this era as well.






So dead.

I absolutely don’t have any words to explain just how amazing their concept is! They seriously nailed it! It’s unbelievable just how much farther they can stretch themselves to gives us an explosive comeback time and time again. I guess there is a reason why they’ve been hailed as NGG for six years now. Gee may have been the trigger but without the subsequent success of any of their releases, they wouldn’t be able to secure their position for this long.

SNSD is solid ❤

They are what you would call a cultural phenomenon and I am just happy that despite having a rough start with their promotion, they are doing great.

SNSD jjang!



admittedly, as much as i love the mini album, i couldn’t say the same for the music video, which is weird, but oh well…