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Review: Twenties Girl

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It’s a known fact that Sophie Kinsella is probably one of my most favorite author. She just never disappoints! But by far, I think Twenties Girl is my most favorite book of her.

Just a few lines, and I know I wouldn’t be able to drop this book. It has the same witty and funny Kinsella protagonist and a rollercoaster adventure with her, Lara, and her great aunt Sadie.

Those two were hilarious! Their bantering was unforgiving in the funniest way. It has the great mixture of fun, mystery, intrigue, family issues, self awareness and love. Yes, in one book!

Nothing felt rushed in the story, either. Although we know that Kinsella’s book really focuses on the love story, this particular novel focuses more on Lara and Sadie’s friendship. I’ll say friendship because they never really interacted much as a family before.
It was a great story to read and I was especially hyped when they finally tackled the revelation about the necklace! That was a great climax for me and I couldn’t stop reading!

And then Ed… he’s such a Prince Charming and I love the way his character was written. Although the focus of the story wasn’t him in general, he still most definitely made an impact. (But I still want to know that 1920s barney-mugging tip from Sadie! Haha!)

All in all, it was such a terrific read! Got me bawling towards the end, too. I got really emotional, in a good way. The book felt really complete. I’d want to read it again.



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