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Sports. I Did It!

In Everyday,Fun,Personal on December 15, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

I know I shouldn’t be spending money especially when I just bought a lot of stuff last night but whatever. Today, I finally bought a new Table Tennis racket!

It’s something I bought from Walmart so it’s not really super expensive… but it’s good enough and I like the grip and ahh… I really love Table Tennis.

I am not that good but I think I can hold myself just fine. And even if I haven’t played it for a long, long time, I wasn’t half as bad at least.


I already told R that we’ll be playing together every ones in a while so he better be prepared! He knows how to play it and he can hit the ball at least so that’s fine by me. In the future, we’ll be at par with each other so it’ll be even more enjoyable! Yay!

Can’t wait!