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My ghad.

It’s been three months since I last posted on my blog! What the heck is wrong with me! I really need to make time to go on here because gosh, I’m behind about blogging about the wedding preparation we’ve done so far, wedding frustrations I’ve had with some relatives who likes to poke on my business, book reviews I haven’t started, good things that happened at work and in my career…


And I’ve always told myself that I want to have something to reference back, to my old self. A glimpse of my past that is real to me. Sighhhhhhh…




Besides that, I also haven’t gone to the gym for two full weeks now! I know I started wearing a 20lbs weighted vest 5 days in a week but that’s not enough… Not just that, I’m always behind schedule with my monthly drawings!!! I mean, sure… I still post a drawing a month but I usually do it a day before or worst, during the last day of the month! So last minute! It’s quite nerve-racking.

And I don’t even know what I’m busy with???

Is it my TV time? Maybe… Because I’ve done a couple of marathons lately. Curse you Disney+!!! You’re too awesome!!! I’ve already rewatched a ton of favorite Disney movies, finished all 4 seasons of That’s So Raven, and almost finished with season 1 of Hannah Montana!

Besides that, I finished Prank Encounters on Netflix and discovered and finished Anne With An E! Guys, it’s the best and Netflix needs to freakin’ renew this amazing show or hope for Disney+ to please, please, please pick it up!!!

Ugh… So yeah, so much things to do but so little time to do it all… Imagine, January is over tomorrow and I haven’t even finished a single book! (Not that Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” isn’t a good book because it is!!! I just get to read too late in the night and before I know it, I’m already dozing off…) Compared to last year where I finished like 4 books in January… I just checked my GoodReads account for that personal fact, HAHA!

But hey, truthfully, I’m not just being a couch potato or anything like I seem to be (maybe just a little?). Actually, I’ve been more involved with our company’s marketing campaign so I’ve had a looooot of graphics to do for them after my morning job.

But jfc guys, it’s honestly sending me, thoooo! I’m a real, and dare I say professional Graphics Artist now! It’s especially meaningful to me because growing up, a lot of people have always mocked me for being an artist but look at me now…


And all these jerk faces are now asking me for help to make them graphics. GRRR.

But I shouldn’t have a big head on top of me even if I’m just so darn proud of myself, you know? Tho I gotta admit that I just couldn’t help myself from bringing it up once in a while when I was around some of my relatives when they came for my aunt’s 25th year anniv last month. HAHA!

Oh well… I’m just really rambling right now. I know. I’ll post something properly. Hopefully. Soon. We’ll see. Someday.

But I hope all of you are doing great! I’ll see you soon~~