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Lexie is an Artist

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Lexie, you can’t expect to draw as good as Yuu Watase or Matsuri Hino. You can never ever have the same style as theirs.

You are your own.

You have your own drawing style that you should be proud of. You are not a pro. You are no better than anybody else BUT you are already doing your best as far as drawing, on your own.

Hone it. Improve it. Flourish it.

Nobody would be as happy but yourself when you don’t stop striving to be the best of what you can be. Be proud of this milestone. And discard any unwarranted criticism. Do what makes you happy. You are doing it for yourself, not for anybody else’s sake.

Aja aja!!!

– – –

Fast Fact: It is embarassing, but I think i have developed some kind of trauma in health institutes. Like yesterday, we went to Miller’s Children’s Hospital. No kidding, I felt so nauseated inside the hospital. When we went inside the ICU to visit my niece, I felt like hurling after seeing the tubes, monitors and stuff…

I mean, even before, I really dislike any gory stuff like broken bones, mutilated limbs, blood… But my dislike for them heightened like 10x! Like what my friend said, it might be just some psychological ordeal I’m having because of that blasted NCLEX that brought nothing but battery to my poor body and soul.. But eitherway, I really want to stay away from hospitals if I can help it *A*

How can I talk Art and Nursing in the same entry???!?!!?! This is preposterous!