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Surprise Visit

In Everyday,Fun,Life on July 15, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

It’s a boring day. I literally just spent the day at home, watching my Korean shows and preparing my meal prep of the week.

I also did a lot of walking exercise at home (yeah, I walk around the living room while watching some stuff on TV) and abs/legs exercises. Oh, I did some planking too! Who says you can only work out at the gym? Hmpf!

Anyway, so when I was about to leave the house for my daily walking routine outside my house, our front door opened and behind it was my brother and Brian! Lol! My son at work appeared at our footsteps! I was really shocked because it was quite unexpected.

Apparently, he was with my brother, shooting some footages today for a wedding. Guess he’ll be working with him from now on. And that’s awesome!

Hope he’ll do good!