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Review: Only Human

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In the last book, Waking Gods, we were left with a great cliff hanger where it was revealed that Rose, Vincent, Eva and Eugene were transported to Esat Ekt, the home of Themis.

Honestly, that was a big surprise to me in the end so I was eager to read Book 3 to finally conclude the story.

Sooooo, we saw the gang navigate the “alien world” for about nine years. We saw different political stance in Esat Ekt, their principles, their way of life and how different they are from the people of Earth.

It’s a unique position to experience living with them. However, not everybody were on the same boat when it comes to living there. Vincent and Eugene wanted to go back to Earth and would do anything to get back. Rose, as a scientist, wanted to learn their ways. It’s undeniable that she wanted to immerse herself in their technology and advancement. And then we have Eva, who basically lived half of her life there and befriended a lot of aliens. She felt at home. So in short, there were a lot of conflicting events that transpired…

Ultimately though, they returned to Earth and found themselves in the middle of a brewing WW3! Not exactly what they expected especially when they left, Earth just won their battle against the aliens.

The third book was fast paced. We were introduced to a few new characters and it wasn’t bad. Really. It’s just… not how I expected it to be? It’s very political and philosophical. It became real heavy real quick. And like I said, it’s really not a bad thing! I guess, because some characters (my favorites, too!) are not here anymore, the dynamic of the story is a little different from what I was used to. Plus, I really found Eva sooo annoying. It’s just, that kid is not my favorite. And there were a lot of scenes that involved her that to me, was only some teen angst. I couldn’t identify with her like I did the other characters. But in a way, it proves that all of the characters have their own personality and not just two dimensional characters in the book.

Honestly, while reading the book, I didn’t see any hope for them. Earth was doomed and it was just a matter of time… But man, I’m so, soooo glad that we ended up having a happy ending! I was really satisfied! And I think it was justified just as well.

And of course, Kara got me again. Freakin’ cried my balls out in the end! My ghad. Ugh… I’m gonna miss them a lot… It was a great journey with all of them.



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