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You Don’t Understand

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It finally came, my new BoA and SNSD purchase from Japan!!! I am most ecstatic about it because I got 4 CDs in total! Seriously, BoA and SNSD makes me so happy to the point that I become inspired and artistic and creative and motivated. But of course, because it is a hobby uncommon to the people around me, nobody really understands or try to comprehend my situation.


Just earlier today, when I came home after picking up my stuff, my mother started her usual monologue how she finds it a bit disturbing the way I invest so much on my collectibles at this age. That instead, I should be saving money for my future and the like.


I think about the future of course. But at the same time, I don’t want to compromise the things that, again, makes me happy. Why should I? Does it make me a bad person? Does it make me neglect my responsibilities? I want to know so I can fix it.


But apparently, it all just boils down to it being atypical as the reason why people asks me to change. Nothing else. Just that superficial reason alone.

So if you ask me again to forego the unusual things that makes me happy, the answer is NO.

Sorry not sorry. Go change your views instead. LOL.


NOTE: This is not a post meant to deprecate my mother’s behavior from earlier. Anyway, she has every right to tell me what she thinks (and it just so happens that’s the situation on top of my mind right now). ONLY HER BECAUSE SHE’S MY MOTHER. Otherwise, you can all mind your own business and leave me alone. Kekekeke :3

– – –

Anyway, I wanna take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the recent explosive news that was dropped a couple of days ago. It was the most shocking yet because SM confirmed that YoonA and Sooyoung are now dating!


Personally, as a SONE, I am so happy for them. But obviously, it isn’t the same for the other SONEs who made a big deal about this issue. So much was said — both good and bad — and honestly, no one is helping the situation at all. Anyway, it is an inevitable event. These people are in their mid 20s. How can anyone really expect them to be living their own lives for other people¬†forever?

When I entered this fandom, I did not expect people can be so selfish and vicious. LOL! But anyway, amidst the chaos, we have Taeyeon, comforting each one of us.


Taeyeon recently uploaded a three part audio clip on her IG account with her singing to Justin Bieber’s “Be Alright“. And then earlier today, even created a youtube account to post an uncut version of the song. This is seriously her most heartfelt way of reaching out to us. To tell us to be alright. That everything is going to be alright.

I love this woman so much. Let’s not make our fandom the very reason for SNSD to break up. Let’s man it up. ANYWAY, it’s not like you stood a chance with any of the members of SNSD. Just saying.

Oh well, lemme end this post by sharing with you Taeng’s amazing song from her official Youtube channel: