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Unnies: Jessi

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All girls’ dreams are precious but I just can’t get over Jessi’s ‘dream’ episode with her parents!!!

When they revealed that the ‘coach’ was actually her dad, and her reaction upon the reveal… omfg… I was just moved to tears! Literally!!!

The production team really did great with the whole Jessi segment. Covering her past, present and future. Ughhh! I had so much feels! She’s such a Daddy’s girl! Aigooooo!!!

Right now, imma start the episode with the wedding (her future) and ugh, I know imma enjoy it lots already!!!

– – –

My brother literally just called me right now from downstairs (yeah, he called me on my phone) to tell me to watch The Good Doctor’s first episode of season 2 with him.


But honestly, I really like when the both of us watch a show together. Our little bonding time even if we don’t really talk much coz we’re concentrating on the show. Hahaha! But gonna watch it tomorrow coz Sister’s Slam Dunk is my priority right now!