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The Kite Runner

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This book is really good, moving and bitter sweet.

The author didn’t write the main character as a hero, but a very flawed person. It’s actually quite shocking that Amir was so selfish, insecure and weak, especially in his youth. But all his wickedness as a child, when interacting with Hassan, was actually rooted from his jealousy and his great desire to win his father’s affection. (And oh ghad, the revelations in the end!!!)

And you know what, I didn’t hate him for that, when it would usually force me to dislike a story right off the bat. It’s because the author wrote his characters to be as real as possible. As I read Amir’s story, I just wanted to root for him! It was quite a journey and it left me with such warmth inside. Reading how he grew up and faced his demons.

I was actually shocked to read that Hassan died. I thought, and was anticipating, that the main point of the story was having their reunification and rekindling their friendship but the way that the author penned Amir’s redemption was even better! Because now, he could finally be a good man, by making it up to Hassan’s son, Sohrab.

And there really isn’t a happy ending to their story… yet. Because of all the things Sohrab witnessed and experienced, he closed himself up, refusing to open up to anyone. Amir can’t just atone his sins just like that. And that’s only natural. The trauma Sohrab went through was bigger than him. But Amir tried. He tried and tried and I know that we wouldn’t give up.

I love that in the conclusion of the book, one of Amir’s last line was the same line that Hassan always tells him, ‘For you, a thousand times over’. And that the last scene was about Amir, running a kite this time. They’ve come full circle. And although melancholic, it’s such a perfect end to this story.

(And Hassan is my favorite character.)

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