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Review: The Winner’s Kiss

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Finally, the conclusion in this epic trilogy.

The war has begun, and it could only get ugly. Worst, Arin and Kestrel is in the middle of it. With Kestrel’s banishment in the north and Arin treading on thin ice to build alliances, the fate of the world seems to only fall in vain even after all the sacrifices.

Honestly, the first part of this book was really good because we were shown just how strong Kestrel’s will is. She tried her best not to succumb even if it was literally at the expense of her own life. She was tortured and manipulated. I prayed and prayed that she’ll get over it because that kind of mental torture that even forced her to forget her past, was not fun… I ached for her. I know there will be grave consequences for her when she chose to help the Herran people but man… that was still difficult to read.

So when finally, Arin got over his emoness and learned about what happened to Kesrel and resolved to save her no matter what, it got me really excited! And oh my, the reunion was just really well done! I know it’s still painful to read especially when describing just how Kestrel deteriorated… But also reading just how Arin reacted to it was the kind of drama I just really love.

But no matter how much of a sucker I am when it comes to that kind of reunions, I think the time that was spent going through the process of Kestrel recovering her strength and memory, dragged for so long that I started losing interest. Which was quite unfortunate because I want to love this book from beginning to end. Sadly, the middle of it was just a little bland for me? I guess because this last book was supposed to be an epic battle against the empire but the emperor and general only appeared in the near end of the book??? That was a little disconcerting for me.

I’m not gonna spoil you more than I’ve already did but know that at least, even if the Emperor was not shown until almost the very end, I’m still in absolute awe how Kestrel defeated him. It was an ending I did not expect. Genius! You have to read it to know how it all played out because I was so sure she would be doomed in that dangerous game she tried to played with the Emperor.

Having said all that, I’m just really glad that Rutkoski was able to maintain the momentum and element of surprise to the end. No regrets to ever picking up this book. Kestrel is the best!

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