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Review: The Time Keeper

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I’ll be the first one to say this but… I really didn’t like this book.

It was so anticlimactic, boring and full of not-so-lovable characters.

First of all, I thought Dor was a real prick who only cared about himself and his obsession about ‘measurements’. He had Ali who loved him unconditionally and kids out of that ‘love’ but instead of being there for her and his family like a devoted husband and father that he should be, he was just consumed by his own interest in counting.

But not just him. I wasn’t particularly fond of Victor and Sarah as well. Victor was another selfish character who is quite detestable by the way he treated his wife. And Sarah with her boy problem… I mean, I wish there were more to her character but it’s so superficial that I’m more than annoyed than anything. You can be a teenager in love without being that… blinded.

Ugh. It really pains me to say all these because Mitch Albom is such a great storyteller! I guess the way this particular story was narrated, with the way it was formatted too, was just not cutting it for me. He could’ve come up with something better but what we got is this.

Oh well, it was a quick read. It hurts me that this didn’t touch me the way his other novel touched me but hey, it happens.

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