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Wasted my time watching ‘Big’.



Wasting my time watching ‘To The Beautiful You’.


I think I actually do have some sort of standard, when it comes to dramas. It doesn’t mean that because a certain drama’s genre falls under Romantic Comedy, I would automatically like it.

Like for example, ‘Big‘. When I saw the trailer, I was more than compelled to watch it in haste. Well at least, I liked it until episode 7? After that, it was just so frustrating to watch. Yes it’s still funny and all but it was so pointless. Especially the ending. Such a what the fuck moment…

When I finished watching ‘Big‘, I thought that ‘To The Beautiful You‘ would then make everything better. Prior to it’s pilot episode, I was already anticipating the drama. The trailer made it seem good and the OST was amazing! It also helped that it was based from one of my favorite manga.

All the anticipation went down hill for me unfortunately… Barely one episode in, I found myself bored already. This almost never happen! Contrary to what I have expected, this drama felt so unappealing that I even thought of skipping episodes… I don’t think they maximized Sulli’s acting potential here :c and she’s actually very good! Afterall, she’s the child actress who broke a shot glass using her teeth and ate it…. Minho was so bland and boring, too… Not that it’s his fault but still. The one playing ‘Nakatsu‘ was somehow salvaging the show for me…

I think the only thing I really enjoyed about this drama was waiting for the next SM song to played in the background. They played a lot of SNSD songs!!!! I was so giddy whenever I hear ‘Echo’. Lol!

I can’t believe that would be all. I’m updated with this drama but I’m only watching it for the sake of finishing it coz I always finish what I started (except for My Princess which happened to be quite boring as well).

After the drama fiasco, I’m glad I started watching ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho‘ at last.


This is like a breath of fresh air… Already on episode 12 and I’m still hooked!!! It’s not the best but it’s really good. You’ll fall in love with the characters :3

I hope I enjoi this til the end!!! After this, imma finish ‘Skip Beat‘ drama!!!! Then maybe stream ‘Gentleman’s Class’. I think imma wait til I get the chance to watch Sooyoung’s drama. Haha!!!

Oh man! I’m glad I watched everything before I officially start the class :3



Finished watching “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and I loved every episode!!! It was great!!! Nice script and the ending wasn’t bad either!!! I know it’s a fantasy drama but for that type of show, they ended it quite realistically… HAHA!!! It even got me teary eyed… I like it!!! Just the right amount of comedy, romance, suspense, mystery and everything in between.

Good job Min Ah and Seung Gi!