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I Love Animé

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My ghad. I haven’t consistently been watching animé like I used too in my younger years but after Akatsuki no Yona, I started Toradora and have just finished it!

It’s one of the animé I’ve seen a lot of times in the past but even now, it still made me cry as I watched the last few episodes of it! It was such a great story and character development! About being honest with yourself and of letting go.

It was soooo good and I’d watch it again!

But I have to move on to another title so maybe I’ll rewatch Skip Beat. I wanted to re-watch Chihayafuru but maybe I’ll do that toward the beginning of the year so I’ll be refreshed once season 3 is on air!!!

And as of that’s not a hard blow on me coz I super love that anime, R sent me a picture of an article title stating that Fruits Basket animé is making a comeback in 2019!!!!


Fruits Basket is like, one of the best shoujo manga out there!!!! The depth of that story is on a different level and it’s so… complete! Nothing was rushed or left unresolved.

It’s a brilliant story through and through so ughhhhh!!! I still can’t get over it!!!!