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I mean, I don’t like it but…

In Everyday,Life,Personal on August 14, 2020 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

We’re in the last half of the year already and I know that at this point, I should’ve accepted the fact that traveling is just out of the window already but… I still really feel so sad.

I’m not as big of a traveler like my other baller friends but at least I try to travel to one country each year (and been doing that since 2012!). At least to Canada, you know? But thanks to this pandemic that totally blindsided us, there’s no going out of your safe confines. And it’s so stressful to be so caged in. But you have to! Because you love your family and you don’t want to risk them just because you were bored.


But you know what, also thanks to this pandemic, I was able to really achieve a lot of milestone when it comes to my finances. Because everything’s closed down, R and I don’t really go out much anymore. Going grocery shopping became deliberate as well. Only going out to buy essentials and it’s pretty much in and out of the store. Because there’s nowhere to go, there’s really no need to buy new clothes either. Even our eating out was greatly reduced! And of course, no more costly purchases like hotels, plane tickets, and experiences!

Thanks to the reduced expenses, I was really able to save and was able to pay off ALL of my credit cards! I also started investing and I opened up a ROTH IRA account! Next month, I’ll be done with my car loan, too! (Well, I actually borrowed money from my mom coz she’s willing to lend me money for 0% interest so I can pay off my car and not get that extra fees from Statefarm.)

Seriously though. In under 6 months, I was able to turn my life around and each day, I know I’m closer to being financially independent! At least to the point where I am at least debt free.

My next goal is to save for an emergency fund! And I can’t wait to start on that!

I guess I’ll just think of this as a reset. To get everything in my life straightened out before R and I get married. I don’t want to bring any baggage when we live together because R is pretty good with his finances as well.

Since there’s no use getting upset over things we cannot control, let’s just celebrate the small wins and look towards the positive side instead.