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UK and Romania 2019

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I love traveling. Ever since 2012, when I visited HK and Boracay with friends, I think that’s when I really felt that traveling is for me.

Sure, like in 2007, I’ve done little trips within the US and Canada but it’s in 2012 that I started visiting a new country every year.

This year, I actually went to a lot of places. I went to Milwaukee and New York. I also went to Canada (I know it’s a yearly thing since 2015 that I go to Canada but still) and Japan.

So now that the year is almost ending, I’ve been thinking of a place to visit next.

Actually, the original plan was for me and R to visit the Philippines and HK next year because that’s where we grew up. Until he told me that he may not be able to go after all. So I had to change my plans.

I talked with my good friend, Renz, who travels a lot too and asked him where he is off to next year. He said Netherlands. And I do want to go there especially that I read about Anne Frank’s diary and you know… it’s Amsterdam :3

So I was thinking of just tagging along with him coz it feels more safe and fun to travel with somebody after all.

And since I’m already somewhere in Europe, I messaged Ate Cecile and asked if I can meet with her too! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and we’re already so close!!!!

But unfortunately, I would need to fly from Netherlands to London, and I’m a budget traveler, so I had to change plans. I told Renz that I may not be able to tag along with him in Netherlands in the end. Glad he’s cool about it. Anyway, he’s planning on going there around April 2019.

So instead, I was thinking of doing a UK and France trip for 2019! France is only a two hour train ride from London and the train ticket is cheap! It’s a good thing for me. But with all the crimes happening there right now, a lot of my friends told me to choose another destination instead… so Ate Cecile suggested Poland, Denmark or Romania.

As I talk with Ate Cecile, I also talk with Renz and he said one day that he’ll join me in my trip!!! Kyah! I won’t be alone!!! I asked him if he’s okay too, if we hang out with my friends as well and he said he’s down.

Ahhh… I feel so relieved!

And then earlier today, this was what he texted me:

Eeep!!! It feels so real now!!! I’m so excited!!! We just need to know when Kim’s wedding is exactly so we can schedule the trip better.

I’m so stoked! Gotta save money now!!!!