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Bitch Meal

In Everyday,Fun,Life,Rant on April 11, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

So yesterday, Kevin invited me to eat out for lunch. But since I prepared my sandwich lunch already, I declined… didn’t wanna waste my lunch…

So today, he invited me again. I brought my usual sandwich lunch actually but wth. I caved in to temptation. So I decided to eat rice for lunch and just eat my sandwich for dinner. Switched my meal so I can go out.

So when it was lunch, we pretty much talked about work and vented our frustrations and concerns, him most especially because he’s in a much stressful work situation than me. So I listened to him patiently.

And we talked for about an hour. He said that he liked it and Anthony actually advised him that he should at least get away from the lab once a week to have lunch to destress. He’s always working hard…

So the lunch that we had was what he called the ‘Bitch Meal’ because we pretty much bitched about work to release all the negative energy! I don’t mind it, actually. I just don’t wanna go out that much for lunch coz it can be expensive…

Tho he treated me today so that was nice. Haha!