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Opinion: Katniss vs Mare

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I’ve had this thought for a while now. And after re-watching The Hunger Games, I feel even more strongly about this.

You know how Mare was imprisoned during the third book, King’s Cage? How she was forced to live in isolation with a silent stone bracelet? And because of that, she developed PTSD?


She was forced to wear a silent stone bracelet to suppress her powers (again, a bracelet!!!!) and being imprisoned in her own room with a bathroom, a library and food given to her throughout the day. That was so devastating she developed such a traumatic experience!

Like… how?


She didn’t even have those powers until very recently and it’s as if she was stripped off her very identity. It’s bewildering. I mean, compare that to Katniss who had to volunteer to save her sister. Who has to go through the arena and be forced to kill so she could live. How it didn’t even have to end there because she had to go through that all over again. And then have people taken away from her one after the other in the most gruesome and cruel way. To see the world change before her eyes. People’s lives being sacrificed for her, the symbol.

How can you compare that kind of trauma to what Mare had to go through. Katniss saw her sister die… killed by the very people she though she was allies with. (Sure, Shade died, too but freakin’ Prim still died after everything Katniss had to do to save her! It’s all for her! It’s just so unfair. But Shade is an adult who chose to be a member of the Scarlet Guard by his own accord. He knew the risks and still did it. Prim’s circumstances is different.)

I can’t even begin to explain how much Katniss had to go through in such a young age. And the expectations she had to carry when all she wanted to do is give up.

It’s incomparable.


I think that’s the reason why bit by bit, I felt my attachment to the Red Queen series being severed. I start to not understand what was going on. To the point that it’s insufferable sometimes…

But it still had it’s moments. The endings (except the one from the last book) were impactful. A good cliff hanger. Too bad it struggled tying up all the lose ends and failed to effectively end the series without it being so dragging (because oh boy, was it dragging). It became too ambitious. Bigger than itself.

Still, Red Queen is not such a bad read so I still recommend. Plus the book covers are just so lovely! And obviously, read The Hunger Games series! Especially now that the prequel is out, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!


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