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Election Day

In Everyday,Life,Personal on November 6, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

I voted! And I hope the Democrats will dominate this mid-election! I know it’s gonna be a long shot but I’m still hoping!

In the major election in 2016. I didn’t vote. I was so confident that there’s no way Trump will win. And he did! And I can’t even bitch about it so openly because, I didn’t do anything to shift anything in our government.


That’s something I will regret the rest of my life, honestly…

This time, I want to make a change. Even for a little bit. I’m glad too that the polling site is not even a mile away! In fact, it’s at my gym! Haha!

I will make it a point to exercise my right to vote. And you should too! Because according to one of my boss, ‘The world is run by people who show up.’

And it is soooo true.