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Manga Process

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Since I got my Twitter account, I started talking about my ordeal drawing my new one shot manga intended for Valentine’s Day. It’s a tough job to tell you the truth, especially when you are not gifted in drawing initially. On my part, I had to practice practice practice! And I had to learn everything by myself through tutorials and tips from my fabulous friends. (Shout out to Ate Sao most especially!)

And so, as I was inspired by the article regarding publishing a novel (thanks Kathleen, this entry is dedicated to you), I decided to write my own take in creating my very own manga. Yeah, manga version. This is very personal so it may vary from the other artists.

STEP ONE: Creating your Characters

I have written “The Soul” when I was in second year HS. That was around 2002. I started drawing the manga in 2003. Years after, my characters had expanded to these many. For this walk through, I decided to star Ken and Aya. Of course, because they are my bias when Fumiyo and Miyari are the real main characters from this story… Te-hee :3

STEP TWO: Prepare the Script

October 28, 2008 was the date when a Valentine’s Day theme story hit me. I wrote the script as shown by Lotso and Potamus in the picture. I usually just write the main plot and work on the script as I start drawing… This is what you call “winging it”. HAHA!

STEP THREE: Prepare the Materials

Since HS, I have only limited myself to using particular drawing materials. That includes Tikky eraser, Unipin (0.1 and 0.3 respectively), Pilot 0.7 Blue Pencil, Zebra 0.5 mechanical pencil and my Faber Castell ruler. Tikky is my forever brand! I need more but I think National Bookstore stopped producing it. However, I saw a couple of them at Lotus. I need to ask my sister to buy me more… That’s the only brand I trust! Anyway, cute Bunny-chan showing you what’s inside my pencil case.

STEP FOUR: Work on the Story Board

Pulu’t Pukyutan here is showcasing the draft I did late 2008. Some artist are less detailed than what I did here. Basically, story boards are important to me so I know how to place panels and script onto the paper. Usually, I just follow whatever is on my storyboard. Although at times too, I tend to expand or change details on the final output.

STEP FIVE: Working on the Drafts

Black Eyes carries the draft I did just recently. After more than 2 years of the initial conceptualization, I have finally touched this story and tried drawing it in its entirety. You could say I am just a lousy lazy artist. But throughout those years, I believe that I have stepped it up even for a little bit so I am very happy :3 Before, I tend to use regular pencil when drawing manga or just about any picture. It’s only recently that I started using a blue pencil to ┬ámake my work cleaner. I am starting to get accustomed to it thank God!

STEP SIX: Details and Panels

Whenever I draw the draft, I usually exclude drawing the background and the accurate paneling until I reach the last stages of the drafts or else, I will never ever move on… At this point, I start giving more attention on the surroundings to further enhance the place of the story. This is a bit tricky since I had to use a lot of references and I had to use a ruler a lot of times. My hand felt so stiff after only a few pages. But after practicing, I finally befriended my ruler… But the ruler just hates me |||OTL

STEP SEVEN: Inking Process

A great deal of concentration was what I needed whenever I start inking the drafts. one stroke as much as possible. I usually use 0.1 Unipin for inking and for emphasis, a 0.3 Unipin. The different weight of lines helps so much in establishing the details of the picture. It’s both an enjoyable and frustrating phase for me. The panel helps me to know up to where I should ink the characters/background. I usually add the panel when I finally scan the picture because quite honestly, I still don’t trust myself using the ruler… One mistake and I’m screwed. A regular white out won’t be enough to fix it. I would need to redraw EVERYTHING so…. CONCENTRATION IS THE KEY!

STEP EIGHT: Scan the Picture


Not quite the easiest step either. Once I scan the picture, I need to clean the pages again and adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture. This is also where I start drawing the panels and placing the speech balloon (because I am dumb enough to not draw it myself! I am so stupid!). I also type in the script then add sound effects. Very tedious. Expect a lot of layers… Just thinking about it makes me dizzy already… Thanks Little Brother and Mashi Maro for posing!


Toning is the main thing in any manga. This gives depth and emotion to the scenes. A bit tricky, too since you need to choose the appropriate screen tones to use on a page. Using the right ones will enhance your page 10 times more! I have a handful on screen tones but I can also improvise through the help of Photoshop. I have a lot more room for improvements but as long as you know the basic technique, you can work yourself up and experiment. You should also know that it’s not any simpler than when you are coloring a picture. trust me, there is no easier way to make a manga possible…

STEP TEN: Final Edit

When the picture is finally done, I check each pages again. I check typos most especially and tinker stuff here and there. When I am finally satisfied, that is the time I can finally share it online! Yay!!!

– – –

I am on my way finishing up a 23-page manga but it won’t be for a couple more months before I can really see the final output. I am very excited as it is! This is my longest manga/one shot that I’ll be finishing so kyah! I am very nervous… I am really passionate about my work so at times, I might look like I brag a lot or say such self-centered comments but oh well… Since when was it a bad thing to be this passionate about the things I love? HAHA! So yeah… Wait until I finish this!!!! I poured my heart and soul to this… Nyah~