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I.O.I and Wanna One

In Everyday,Fandom,Fun,Life on January 29, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

Last year, BoA hosted Produce 101 Season 2. I admit that I only watched the show because of BoA (I miss seeing BoA in a weekly basis like when she was a judge on K-POP Star so of course, I can’t miss this show!) but as the show progressed, I learned to really love all contestants and the show!

That said, it was only natural for me to kinda check out Produce 101 Season 1 that started it all.


I think I got more attached to the first season’s group even if I watched them belatedly (when they already disbanded, no less!!!)

Honestly, I think if they have remained as a permanent girl group, they would be the next National Girl Group of Korea!

They’re fun, talented, relatable, interesting and already has a strong fanbase since they won a reality show! Ughhhhhhhhh!

Sejong is my favorite! I loved her since Day 1! She’s got everything and I’m sure she’ll be more popular if she ended up as a solo act instead of in a group. But it’s still nice to see her with Mina as they promote in Gugudan :3

So I know it’s like their second year since the disbandment but I still enjoy watching their old shows… currently watching their episode on Knowing Brothers since it’s on Netflix.

And oh! In case you’re curious (maybe not), my favorite Wanna One member is Ong Seongwoo. Ughhhh! It was love at first sight!

Ughhh. Even his three moles on the cheek is charismatic! Hahaha!