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So Full of BoA

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Finally listened to BoA’s first ever mini album, One Shot Two Shot and ghad… it’s so amazing!!!

It’s not actually a bop album. It’s more like a sexy album and like what I said in my Twitter comment, the album kinda seduces you… I can’t explain it! But it’s just so good!!! BoA did it again! I’m such a proud mom… I’ll buy the album soon!

AND, besides listening to BoA’s Korean mini album, I finally downloaded BoA’s latest Japanese album, Watashi no mama de ii no ka na!!! (I wouldn’t be able to get my CD til April and I can’t wait to listen to it anymore!!!)

Ughhhhhh. Her Japanese album is seriously on a different level! The songs are all great! And it’s nice that I finally have a legal version of Make Me Complete and Right Here, Right Everywhere because of course, those singles are not available for download in America… what was I supposed to do? I want it, and I need it, so… I had to download it when it was first released… Thank God for this album!!! I wouldn’t feel so guilty!

So yeah, today was over flowing with BoA goodness and I can’t be happier than this!

The Queen is sooooo back, and I’m gonna see her in April! Kyaaaaahhhh!!!!