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First Week Of School

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And so, today concludes my first week of school… I may be taking a short course and I may go to school only twice a week but I’m not even kidding when I say, it’s been very frustrating already!

I don’t mind my Photoshop class (forgot it’s proper class name) and my Illustration class. But my other 2 classes were nothing short but STRESSFUL!!!

On our first meeting for my Web Design class, we were made to do a plate on CS Fireworks without being taught anything!!!! Our prof was like, ‘click the link and follow the steps to create these images exactly the same way.’

First of all, whatthefuck? And secondly, WHAT THE FUCK???!!?!!?!?!! in case our Prof was that clueless, not all of us are computer literate. Heck, I’ve never even heard of CS Fireworks in my whole existence and she expects ME to finish the project by the end of our class??!!!??!?!! She must be shitting me! She didn’t even bother checking out our work. She just sat there the whole time chatting over the phone or checking her FB page. Seriously, way to go *sarcasm*

If you’re curious, no. I did not finish my seatwork on time. I had to redo everything when I got home. So far, I was able to do it without a hitch (except for that masking thingy but it’s better than you think).

And then even harder than that, we were taught how to use Flash animation earlier. Although we were ballers using Wacom Cintiq:


I couldn’t hide the fact that I was completely clueless about the whole thing and whatever the heck our teacher was explaining!!! He’s a good teacher, really, I’m just really slow at learning this new skill and the projector wasn’t too clear for me to see the steps to follow.

Oh gawd, good luck to me!

Even at home, I’ve been quite stressed coz I needed to finish my plates. I was successful with my ‘Fantasy Land‘. My theme was ‘Underwater Party‘ showcasing a ‘club‘ underwater. Featured guests were Lady Gaga, BoA, Yunho, some SNSD gurls, Iron Man and Captain America drinking their cocktails. I finished the whole thing and saved it.

I really did.

So just imagine my shock when I tried opening my files to show my friends only to find out my file wasn’t anywhere to be found!!!!

I spent so much time on it, too!!! Slept at 3AM with a headache only to lose the file!!!??!!???!?!!


It’s no exaggeration but I really spend my time learning whatever I can learn while taking this course… I brought this on me. Still, I hope I don’t age as I go through this hurdle for a year… It has only been a week (2 days if we’ll go technical) but the level of physical and mental strain it caused me is not even funny…

Ironically, I’m having fun.

I enjoy the challenge and I want to make a progress :3

Well, let’s just hope for the best :3

– – –

Fast Fact:
I don’t drink Yakult. In fact, I don’t like it :3