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I’m gonna get fat

In Everyday,Fun,Personal on August 3, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

I’m in my plateau now. I don’t really lose weight for like 2 weeks now which sucks coz starting the 1st of August to the 22nd, it’ll be nonstop eating for me and my family!

Last Wednesday, I had my last meal at 11pm at Buffalo Wild Wings after picking up my sister! And then a lot of home food on Thursday and today for dinner, we had Famous Daves! Besides eating a lot of meat, I ate their corn muffin and pineapple. My ghad. My diet is soooo screwed!

And then tomorrow we’ll have Joy Yee which gives a big serving too and then Ming Hin on Sunday, just before our trip in New York! Of course we’ll eat a lot in New York too so ugh, I’m so screwed… If I don’t lose weight, hope I don’t gain as much at least.

Wish me luck!!!