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Miss Universe 2018

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I don’t know when it started, but all of a sudden, the Philippines have been greatly invested in the Miss Universe beauty pageant!

And before I know it, I’ve been suck into it as well.

This year, I wasn’t particularly updated with our contestant until I saw a post about her viral slowmo twirl that even Tyra Banks approves.

Before I know it, everybody was talking about it and yeah, now, I had to watch the whole thing!

I first started watching the Costume Contest.

The costume was awesome and her projection was again, on point. It looks good in the picture, as you can see, tho I’m sure it was a bit tedious for her to walk the stage with that on her back. It was a very meaningful costume tho. (This segment was beyond me! It was like watching a cosplay contest in a whole different level… GOD LEVEL! Lol!)

And then tonight is the night for the coronation and ghad… she’s just so hawt, it brings the gay in me!

She really nailed it throughout the whole elimination! And she stood out amongst everybody! And that Top 5 gown that she wore… my ghad, the lava dress doesn’t help the hotness that is Catriona Gray!

I really, really love the way she walked with confidence! The way she looks in the camera and smiles. She’s so charismatic in all aspect and personally, I really find her super pretty, too!!!

I gotta admit tho, her Top 5 Q&A made me a little nervous because her answer was short and sweet compared with the others but damn, the last question definitely blew everybody away!

Including me! I was floored!

She embodies the beauty and the brains and I don’t think anybody could contest her win. Everybody was betting on her! All the polls have her as the number 1 pic, it’s crazy!

So in behalf of all the Filipinos around the globe, we sincerely congratulate you!

Catriona Gray, you are definitely the pride of the Philippines!!!