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K-Pop Star S2 ep.16 rant

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Wow… I wasn’t really happy about this week’s Kpop Star.

The 1 vs 1 elimination round format sucks! How is it a ‘competition’ when they can only compete against one group? I think that is really unfair. TBH, there could’ve been other people that could’ve taken the Top 6 spot.

Eliminating Choi Yegeun and YouU was seriously a bad move.

Who ever suggested this format needs to be fired.

I don’t think I’m being bias when I say Andrew or Akdong musician doesn’t deserve to move on to the next round. Their performance are seriously ‘meh’ in the sense that, it’s no different from any of their other performances. Of course they are talented but they don’t bring anything new in the competition compared to the others like YouUChoi YegeunSeong Soojin and Lee Jinwoo. Those people I’ve mentioned always come up with something different, something they’ve never done before. The way they improve each passing week was also very evident and something that should be acknowledged.

Apparently, because of this format, the chances of them advancing to the next round is slim. Bang Yedam is actually boring me now, too. Never really liked him either.

And look, All my bets are already eliminated. I don’t feel like watching the show anymore to be honest. If it isn’t for BoA, I would’ve dropped it right now…

Still, I hope Yegeun and YouU will continue their singing career. I wish somebody picks them up. I would really want to watch YouU become a real  girl group. They really do have the potential and with proper training, they’ll be so ready to debut! Also the soloist who were eliminated (Yegeun, Jiwoo and Soojin). Their talents shouldn’t be wasted so gyah! I wish they will continue pursuing their passion!


Man, I’m so full of feels…

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