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It’s been years…

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Yes. There was a point in my life where I was obsessed — OBSESSED — with reading manga! Like… it was all I live for!

I read manga after manga and I used to collect a lot of manga titles, too!

I have an obsessive personality so I’m not just playing around. In fact, because of my love for manga, I dreamed of making my own manga! And I actually did! I finished a few one shots and released it too!


But Naruto ruined it for me. I love the manga/animé! I pretty much grew up with it! But when Kishimoto revived a lot of dead characters, it felt… recycled. And in an instant, manga lost its appeal to me.

I can’t believe it either. I dropped everything and don’t even buy any manga titles…

But today, after so many years, I’m reviving my love for manga because of Yona of the Dawn!!!!

Ghad! I’m already in episode 23 and I know it’ll end with a major cliff hanger and I can’t just leave it at that!

Two of my good friends have expressed their love for the manga as well so I’m compelled to read it too!!!

Anyway, I finished 21 books already and although I just started book 22 (I’m currently reading The Lightning Thief), I’m just in chapter one. At least I’m not yet deep into the series so I can postpone it for a little bit.