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BoA – Only One

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Earlier today, SM released a video teaser for BoA’s upcoming single “Only One“. OMIGOD… The most wonderful surprise — EVER!!!

I suspected she would come up with a dance track (like every other Korean singers) but I was horribly proven wrong! She happened to come up with a ballad song!!!! Not complaining because it’s actually really good!!! And would you believe that she wrote and composed the title track as well?! Oh gawd… My talented BoA…

You are the QUEEN of EVERYTHING!!!

(Another speculation. We suspect BoA to promote two songs for this comeback. Through Twitter, we know that she’s practicing a dance routine BUT she’s releasing a story-type mv in a few days days instead. This doesn’t sit well, right? Hmm… More surprises!!! Nobody’s complaining except for the excruciating wait we have to endure…)

After writing a lot of Yunho and BoA fics the past few days, I was quite distracted about Yoo Ah In’s appearance in the video.

It’s not like I’m not aware of it because I am… I actually like the guy from this drama I watched before and they don’t even look bad standing side by side. I’m just… Iuno… hoping it’ll be Yunho beside her instead… (yeah right).

Still, the anticipation is killing me!!!! Ugh!!!! That 23 second long teaser has been on loop ever since I heard it!!! Also trying to help out get her more views on YT :3

But really, even if she doesn’t make the headlines (I doubt it, though… Lately, my dash and timeline has been full of BoA updates and I’ve been visiting numerous Korean and Japanese articles just so I can see her more. HAHA! Lame), I was really surprised and quite happy about the love she’s getting from all the fandom. Contrary to the heated arguments between ¬†fandoms of other groups, BoA’s only getting a lot of great reactions and support. Especially those coming from SONEs and ELF!!!! Even Blackjacks!!!! Awww… I love SM family!!! This is how it’s supposed to be. Love love loveeeeeee!!!!

Only thing is, ugh… I thought right after releasing the teaser, they would release the full mv, too. I guess it won’t be out until a few days more. Oh gawd, Lexie, be patient!!!!!!

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