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Review: Fruits Basket

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I think it’s nearly 10 years since I finished reading Fruits Basket and even now, my feelings for it is insurmountable.

It’s such… a great story.

Natsuki Takaya had this magic in her, when it comes to story telling. Her script isn’t complex but the message runs deep. It’s not a typical shoujo. It’s somewhat, psychological, even, because it tackled about emotional pain and abuse. Sinister people behind ‘good’ people…


But you can’t help but love everybody. Be connected with them… root for them…

I honestly love everybody, not just Tohru, Kyo and Yuki, who are the main characters.

Takaya was able to convey a full story even with these many characters. I honestly didn’t feel it was lacking in any way. Ugh. It gets me so emotional reading it! That’s why you can’t doubt that it’s definitely one of the best shoujo ever written. Even now!

(And it’s a treat to see how Takaya’s drawing style really improved each volume. I wish I can be the same!)

Actually, the reason why I started rereading the series is because they are going to revive the animé from the beginning! With new character designs and that it’ll tell the story til the end of the manga series! Unlike before when it ended with that Kyo arc and his monster transformation.


And the new design seems so amazing! Ugh! I can’t wait for it! Just a few more months and I’ll get to see them all again!

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