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Changmin sat on the couch irritably, as he watched Yunho and BoA bicker with each other over the most petty stuff.

When the feisty maknae arrived, the two were already in a heated argument about naming a stupid movie they both watched in the Summer of 2004, 9 years ago.

Who even bothers with this kinda stuff when they can just look it up online? He thought, rolling his eyes. It went on for quite sometime but as to be expected, they still couldn’t remember the title of the film.

And perhaps because Changmin figured that the stupid may not end so soon, he wasn’t too surprised when the two moved on to another stupider topic. Imagine, they were now bantering over what chips they should bring for their flight to Japan. It baffled him, too, when they started fighting over their seat reservation in the plane. It was such a fierce battle between two people who always travel the world (BoA seemed to be winning the argument, though).

‘You guys look like an old married couple fighting over stupid stuff.’

‘This is not stupid, Changmin. How can you even say fighting over who gets the window seat, stupid?’

‘Shoo, because you don’t get to choose. I do. Im getting this seat so back off.’

Yunho crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head disapprovingly. ‘If you’re already my wife then maybe I’ll have the heart to relent somehow but you’re not so no. I’m not gonna give it up just yet!’

BoA rolled her eyes. ‘That’s so stupid and quite irrelevant to be honest.’

Changmin dropped his jaw in bewilderment. He noted that neither of them were really denying the implied relationship he said in passing and that they just continued scowling at each other as if they were really an old married couple!

What was happening?

Unable to keep his calm with this brand new information, Changmin started on fidgeting and almost toppled down the cup of coffee Yunho was drinking a while ago.

‘You two are together and nobody even had the common sense to tell me?!’ Changmin blurted out so suddenly that Yunho and BoA stopped arguing for once.

The two looked at each other in confusion.

‘What do you mean?’ Yunho asked, genuinely curious.

‘Especially you! How come you never even told me you’re already together with her?!’ Changmin bellowed, sounding really hurt for being left out of the bubble. It surprised him, too, how overworked he was over this (major) detail when he’s always been indifferent about his friend’s personal life. Or maybe because the girl in question was BoA that he just can’t get over it.

Not after witnessing all the tension filled moments between the two of them, for so many years… It just felt so unreal to see them finally getting over that phase.

But since when?

This was making Changmin very irritated for some reason.

‘Like putting a title on our relationship?’ BoA asked, ‘like we’re now boyfriend and girlfriend kinda thing?’

Changmin widened his eyes in frustration as he did a lot of big hand movements, still stunned by the turn of events. ‘Well of course!’ He almost screamed at the, apparently, couple in front of him.

Yunho scratched his head as he glanced BoA’s way, not at all surprised to see that she was already looking at him with a smile.

‘Well, this is the sort of thing that kind of just happens, you know. Because anyway, deep down, we both know that we’re already –‘

‘Don’t say it! Don’t say it!’

‘–meant to be together,’ Yunho finished with a grin, much to the little giant’s dismay beside him.

BoA glared at him then groaned as she threw her hands in the air, her face visibly red from embarrassment.

‘I hate it when you talk so cheesy,’ she complained, her face contorted with disgust.

‘Oh shut up. I know you like this kind of stuff.’

‘Says who?!’

‘Says me!’

And the bickering continued, drowning Changmin’s question until it was completely forgotten.

Not that it matters anymore, really, because he could see it clearly, too.

Yunho’s right.

They are meant to be together. Who cares about relationship titles if they hold something more concrete. Something more real.

The simplicity of it was all too amazing, even to him. That even his grounded perspective on stuff would like to believe in this beautiful thing called love.

He would like to find love how Yunho and BoA found theirs.









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It’s been forever since I did a YunBoA graphic! Aigoo. Admittedly, the image didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to be but I wanted to post this story already so I just went with it. HAHA!

Hng, I think this is the first time I did a story where Changmin had a bit of a role. It seemed more like his story than a YunBoA tbh. LOL! Oh well, towel. Hope you like it!

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

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