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I do feel guilty for not putting more time and effort blogging about life so instead, I’ll post pictures to narrate how 2011 ended for me and of course the sweet beginnings of this new year ❤

^ Christmas Eve and Birthday party in Cerritos!!!! I got a lot of great presents last year!!!!

^ I got a lot of presents from co-workers!!! I felt so loved!!!

^ For our Family Secret Santa, Rachel picked my name through the raffle and got me these amazing Audio Technica headphones!!!! Nothing but the best especially if it is specifically endorsed by BoA :3

^ And for our Gag Gift, I got this useless beer hat…. Lol I’m kidding!!! Its cool!!! Haha!!! *snort*

^ More random gifts from fam ❤

^ These are the presents I got from Renz. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! How can he even give me anything green and anything related to a pig???!!?!?!!!?!?! Grrrr!!! I feel the love alright *pout*

^ But to compensate, at least Brian got me SNSD’s ‘The Boys’ album!!!! I will treasure it forever!!!!

^ On the 25th, I was able to celebrate Christmas with the Jaime Family ❤


^ I got the following presents from Sidney. He got me Code Geass DVD and apparently, I picked his gift from the White Elephant. I wasn’t aware it was his gift I picked, I swear!!!!! Anyway, I finished the Tequila with Brian and listened to Justin Beiber over and over again because its what cool people do!!!! Chu~

^ Also on Christmas eve, I received a surprise gift from Kam… It was wrapped in pink, and was heavy. Not knowing what it was, this was what greeted me:

^ Apparently, Kam got me a Macbook. I was in so much shock I couldn’t use it until 2 weeks later… Haha!!!

Anyway, before the year ended, I was able to meet up with Duane, Clarisse and Josh. We went to Cantina Lounge and got drunk with several Tequila shots and Margaritas ❤


And then we went on a trip to Fresno..


Visited my Aunt’s friends and was greeted with the most beautiful Christmas Tree I have ever seen in my lifeeeee!!!


And at the beginning of the year, Renz Brian and I were able to visit a jimjibang place!!!!

^ We ate a lot over there and had the opportunity to sleep over there as well. It was something else….. Haha!!!


^ And not long after that, Kam and I celebrated his birthday for 2 days. We went to Wood Ranch on his birthday. I had some delicious grilled tritip and the both of us had a bottle of Chardonnay. It was great!!! We even got the chance to watch a movie. We saw Mission Impossible. I insisted to watch it coz BoA tweeted about it. It was a good movie so it was worth it!

The next day, we met up for a little bit and I got him cake from Paris Baguette. It was seriously THAT good!!! Haha!!!

^ And before I know it, it was finally my birthweek!!! To start, Rachel set up an event for me. We went to Tokyo Delves Sushi Bar and I got completely wasted!!!! The next day, I had to skip work and clean my own vomit… -___-

I had boiling crab, too and had the opportunity to visit Little Tokyo with Duane, Clarisse and John:


Since the memory of my drunken night kept on triggering my consciousness, I was so eager not to get myself drunk again. Even the sight of sake bomb makes me wanna throw up!!!!

^ Oh! I got my new phone case, too!!!

^ Started inking ‘Free Hugs’ manga.

Ahhh… So many things have happened!!! Too bad I don’t have any pictures to showcase everything…. It’s been such an eventful moment for me and before I realize it, my birthday had already pass…

^ And because I’m the cool kid, I stayed home wearing my PJ’s the whole day until we had our dinner to this Thai restaurant.


What do you know, today is my last day at work…. Haha!!!

This is getting so random now… I think I needa go to sleep now…. Nytnyt!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
Since I’m the type of person who can’t completely express myself, I always filter things I tell my friends.. One reason being, my dissatisfaction burdening my friends with my complaints.. And then my pride… And ultimately my habit of always bottling up my real feelings…

Eww, so lame!

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