Slow Down

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Rated M: Explicit language used. Continue at your own risk.

– – –

And despite their very tight schedule as they complete the two-day SM Town concert in Japan, Yunho found himself at the other end of their round table, with the little giant directly in front of him. She was sipping her favorite wine, without a care in the world.

He was a bit worried because it was very late that night but the small pub was still gathering a handful of customers, probably from the concert hall, to pass the time like themselves.

‘I can’t believe I let you drag me all the way here right after the concert. You can get pretty notorious at times, you know that?’ he hissed as he ducked his head when a group of girls, still bursting with energy, sat at the empty table right behind BoA.

The little giant was wearing a plain black top this time, hair in a ponytail. Without the flashy make up and outfit, she could blend well in the crowd. As a matter of fact, it’s been an hour and nobody even noticed them yet. Even Yunho was surprised by the lack of attention they’re getting, but he refused to lower his guard, unlike his companion just yet.

BoA shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. ‘Stop complaining as if I didn’t give you an option to join me or not.’

Although this was true, it’s not like Yunho could just toss away her request to accompany her. Anyway, when it comes to BoA, she’ll always be a priority before himself.

He would like to stress at this point that the reason behind this was not just because they’re bestfriends, but also because that’s naturally what any man would do for the woman they care about. And while these thoughts were rummaging in his head, he suddenly had an impulse to tell her his true feelings for her. That he wasn’t satisfied just being the ‘bestfriend’ because he would want nothing more but to spend his lifetime with her.

But to say that randomly out of nowhere was absurd and he had to mentally scold himself for that. Thinking about marriage when they’re not even together… Sadly, he’s not confident enough that BoA feels the same way, too.

Yunho literally had to calm himself.

As he was getting back on track, he suddenly heard the murmuring behind them. Even BoA stopped to listen when she caught her name in the conversation.

‘I was crazy enough to go to their other SM Town concert overseas if only because of BoA. But besides that, do you guys remember that TVXQ opening stage where Yunho and Changmin seemed like they were descending from the heavens?’

BoA stifled a laugh and glanced at her companion. It wasn’t a well lit place but she could tell that he was blushing as he covered his face with his hand.

‘Descending from the heavens…’ BoA mimicked dramatically and then laughed some more. ‘Now, that’s what I call cheesy.’

‘Shut up, shorty!’

The little giant just kept on laughing as they tried to eavesdrop some more. It was one of the rare moments when they directly hear people’s opinion about them.

The absurdity was something else.

‘Oh please… How could anyone forget the Yunbulge from that concert,’ one of them fired back that literally made BoA gag on air. ‘That’s the single most important scene in the whole damn concert, if you ask me. Seeing that even made me forget about Siwon’s well chiseled abs he kept flashing us.’ The two other girls nodded their heads enthusiastically.

Yunho further sank on his seat, wishing that he could disappear at that instance. How could they be talking about something like this in the presence of his future wife?! (even if it’s still something she’s not aware of.)

How can women have such vulgar thoughts?! He wondered endlessly, almost afraid to ask it out loud. He wasn’t sure if he will ever be ready for their honest answers, anyway.

‘Okay that’s it, we’re leaving,’ he announced, when he couldn’t take the awkward conversation anymore. He had enough of this embarrassing fangirl talk.

‘Oh hush. Be a good sport. Everybody knows about your package,’ she snapped back as if it wasn’t a big deal nor an inappropriate topic to touch on. Yunho gaped, his mouth really wide open, about to protest when an interesting topic came up unexpectedly from the same group.

‘But anyway, that couple dance with BoA earlier at the concert though! They were the cutest thing ever!’

‘Oh, you ship them, too?’

‘Naturally. It’s a ship that literally ships itself.’

BoA leaned towards Yunho’s way and whispered, ‘We ship us?’

Yunho narrowed his eyes on her. ‘I wish it were the case but seeing as you don’t even see me as a man kinda negates that statement altogether.’

BoA widened her eyes in surprise, about to say something, but was interrupted by the girls further discussion.

‘Did you also notice how BoA looked so tiny alongside Yunho? Oh god. The only way she could’ve handled him ramming hard against her is if she has amazonian stamina! In this sense, I’m glad that she’s a dancer.’

‘I thought you’re glad she’s a dancer so she can flex in all unimaginable ways for Yunho,’

‘Oh my God!’

‘Oh my God!’ BoA squealed the same time and then covered her mouth in shock. She was lucky the girls didn’t notice.

‘But I wonder if having stamina is enough when Yunho practically grew another leg there…’ The first girl giggled while wiggling her eye brows with that knowing look.

‘Okay that’s it. I’ll make a totally smutty fic with that in mind. Thank you very much for the dirty inspiration,’ the other girl with glasses followed with a nod.

The two other girls bursted out laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes.

‘You better make it so hot That I’ll wet my panties!’

‘Oh you nasty little whore!’

‘Hey, if it’s YunBoA, I’d take any insults.’

BoA couldn’t begin to explain the feeling she had after hearing all that first hand. The things that could go around the minds of their ‘shippers‘ caught her off guard. She’s heard a whole range of them but this tops all the extremes. It was intense. She was so embarrassed afterwards that she would need to change her partner for the Only One couple dance tomorrow night. There is no way she could look into Yunho’s eyes now and not imagine things between them.

Such an awkward situation with the two people, stubborn enough to cross their boundaries of friendship.

‘Okay. We need to go now,’ BoA croacked as she stood up from her seat abruptly. She didn’t even get to finish her drink when she always, always, drinks up to the last drop because wasting alcohol is the worst thing she would ever have to do. But at this point, even that wasn’t her concern. She needed to get away.

BoA walked hastily towards the exit, barely giving Yunho time to catch up with her. But then again, he would gladly give her the momentary space she needed to recover herself from the unexpected (but truly entertaining) blow.

Yunho smiled and stood up from his seat after a minute. He casually rounded up the girls’ table and made sure they get a good glimpse of him, of who it was just behind their table, overhearing their whole conversation.

‘Interesting shipper comments about me and BoA. But slow down with the creative streak until I find the courage to ask her out, first. We’ll reach that point eventually.’

Leaving the all too shocked group of friends by themselves, still wide eyed with the unexpected encounter, Yunho slipped out of the pub with a smile on his face. He was suddenly so giddy, excited to look for BoA.

Yunho looked around, squinting his eyes until he finally saw the little giant behind a tree. She looked so suspicious now as she hunched her shoulders and tried to lower her gaze in the hopes nobody would pay attention to her. Unknowingly, she sticks out even more doing those unnatural gestures as opposed to her carefree self just a while ago. Still, after the unexpected encounter with the fans, he wouldn’t blame her if she felt so conscious about herself.

Having his fix, Yunho half jogged towards her way and grinned at her.

BoA looked up, her face still bright red. He was sure it wasn’t due to the effect of her alcohol consumption this time. The thought made him pleased for some reason. When she realized Yunho was already in front of her, she frowned and turned her head to the side, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. No matter how dismissive she could get with certain stuff, this was certainly beyond what she could just brush off just like that.

She looked so cute when she’s at loss and she must’ve hated it so much to suddenly reduce all her confidence to nothing.

With a smirk, Yunho directly stood in front of her and folded his arm in his waist. He leaned closer, making sure that every fiber of her was well aware of his presence.

‘Interesting discussion going on over there but you know what, don’t worry too much,’ he paused for a long minute that BoA had to finally look him in the eyes. ‘I can do it gently, too.’



– – –

Sorry not sorry.

Oh come on now! It’s not like I wrote a totally graphical smex scene between YunBoA. It was just an exchange of smutty feels between shipper friends. That’s not too bad…? HAHA! But hmm… Maybe I have a knack at writing smut so maybe in the future we’ll see… *cough*

Anyway, idea just hit me as I was talking with Rabbit. She was telling me about the yunboa comments on Twitter and I just… I just have to make use of it in my own spin so ta-dah~!

Please don’t kill me now. This was meant as a gag fic anyway. Hihi! Hope that’s been interesting enough for you, guys :3

PS. picture caption was an excerpt from “Spark”. Damn. I wasn’t aware that song was too sexy…! HAHA!

– – –

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Slow Down

4 Responses to “Slow Down”

  1. Oh wow. Ive never read YunBoa even though I ship them odd enough, but hey I love how realistic this could be. Thank you so much for writing it. I was expecting smut, but this little twist surprisingly satisfied me. I think I can use my imagination for that. Thank you~

    • Haha! I’ve always thought that it must be so crazy for these celebrities to hear unguarded comments about them so yeah. This was really enjoyable :3 glad you liked it! Who knows in the future, it might be a real smut next time :3

  2. I’m rereading this again and I squealed so hard ROFL the shipper in me is desperate for them to interact again tbh T^T [or just get together forrealz omg]

    • HAHA! I think it’s my fave too coz it’s so dumb and funny. And i keep on imagining what will be their reaction if they hear this first hand from the shippers. Haha! Thanks kimmy!

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