Today is a Bad Day

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It’s not even because it’s Monday, the most hateful day of the week, but it’s been such a really bad day for me since morning that I just want to flip tables and yell at someone.

So of course I woke up cranky to start the day. Tried to go to bed early last night but I just couldn’t fall asleep right away so yeah… Wasted precious hours to rest comfortably.

So I ended up feeling so tired that I was even sleeping standing up on the bus! (Which I had to wait for in forever because there was bus shortage for some reason!).

I really fell asleep this time that at some point, my legs just kinda weakened and totally gave in! It was so embarrassing…! I didn’t topple over (and anyway, the bus was so crowded) but it was obvious what happened. Fak. (I cant describe it. My English is failing)

So I had to endure the embarrassment throughout the long ass drive due to traffic. And then of course, I came to work real late. Ugh. On a Monday.

I was so screwed.

So instead, I started on my pending tasks right away. I spent so much time doing the freakin’ packaging design only to find out that what I did was a result of a misunderstanding! I was doing it wrong the whole time! So I have to work on it again tomorrow…

And as if I’m not loaded as it is already, this freakin’ biatch came up to our department and asked for a follow up about the freakin’ cheap ass recruitment cut-to-image-stand she requested.

I told her that after talking it over the group, we’ve all agreed that what she was asking us may potentially harm our brand (and that it’s pointless and it costs so much money we’re not even sure they’ll cover for us. At least right away. We’re kinda bad at paying our suppliers). That in short, it was cheap.

And as I said this, you can clearly see her face twist and then countered it by requesting (note:demanded) us to propose another way to promote our recruitment (what she said but really, it’s like telling us to do her job which she can’t even do properly it seems). And of course, our department is so busy with store openings, events, projects from the Managing Director and shit so I told her we couldn’t accommodate her at the moment. Which is true! Not because we have no plans of helping out. (Which may or may not be another thing to factor in……………)

But bitch face acted like a super bitch and then counted all of us in the team and was like, ‘One, two, three, four, five. Lima kayo sa team pero hindi nyo magagawa to agad?’


What kind of fuckery was that?! Ghad. We were so upset that it totally ruined the whole day for all of us! I’m still upset over it, tbh. Damn.


So theres that, and my work laptop kinda acting wonky now (in the middle of all my projects), and then the horrible traffic going home and then a freakin procession at 830 in the evening on a Monday totally disrupting the traffic like… WHO DOES THAT?!

And then I come home to finally go on my laptop and drown myself to fandom to make me happy and then fuckin’ laptop won’t even start up?!

And of course it’s raining now.


(╬ ಠ 益ಠ)

3 Responses to “Today is a Bad Day”

  1. Aww I feel you… I have days like these too… Sighpie

  2. I promise to check your blog more often now! And Sao’s too. I have to look your name up though and see if you have written anything new. So sorry to hear about this bad day 😦

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