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I finished an official graphics for the lab yesterday. It’s a half page back to back postcard so I told my boss that I’ll charge a full page for that and he said yes.

My plan for today, since Inktober is finally over, was to work on another project. But of course, my dumb self forgot to save the file to my flash drive!!! Ughhhh! I’m so mad! And I don’t think it’s smart to re-type anything.

Like what I learned from Adam, ‘don’t work hard, work smart.’

And re-typing everything from scratch when I can wait a little longer to have a layered file in my possession that I can copy and paste.

So I’ll wait. Guess I’ll just finish my book. I have a good feeling that I’ll read more than my goal of 20 books this year and that’s amazing!

Ughhh… hope I can come up with a new, fresh design for this current project coz kyah! I haven’t done this in forever! We’ll see :3

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