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I have this white co-worker I happened to talk to coz of my friend Jasmine.

After that, he started talking to me casually. Through our series of conversations, I told him I commute or ask my family to drop me off and pick me up from work.

Ever since, he’s been asking me if I needed a ride. I declined each offer until today. Haha! He was really nice, tho. I’m not sure how old he is but he’s definitely older than me and superrrrr tall. He’s good looking, too. Manly.

And then in the car, we were just talking random stuff like chipotle and how I like it. He said he liked it too and I was like, ‘we should definitely go there’. It’s something very normal for me to say.

And iuno, he sounded excited. Lol. And then at the course of our conversation, he asked me twice for my number. i don’t mind giving it to him but I find it unnatural for him to be asking that when we’re just casual friends who strted talking just recently. Haha! I didn’t give it to him til I’m in front of our house. When I was about to get out of the car, he asked again for my number. Haha!!!

As a decent way of dealing with the situation, I told him to call me so I can save his number, as well. And what do you know, 15 minutes later, he did! Haha! I was expecting like a text message instead so it’s more impersonal. Or if he calls, he’ll do it at a later time..

Oh well, nothing major. I just find it interesting. Haha!!!

But hmm.. A white boy this time :3

2 Responses to “Co-worker”

  1. You and your boylets. Wahahaha!

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