SNSD Project: Kwon Yuri

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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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– – –

Kwon Yuri

Our Black Pearl, Yuri, is the 6th born Goddess of SNSD.

When I first got into the fandom, I had the hardest time differentiating her from YoonA. For some reason, they do look like twins!!! Same height, body frame, long hair… It was a struggle telling them apart that I even formulated a way to remember which is which. It’s pretty lame, too. Before, I refer to Yuri as the one with a more slanted eyes and YoonA with rounded eyes. To match their face with their name, I often visualize the double “O’s” as big eyes.

YoonA – yOOna – Big eyes (lame is LAME, I tell you)

But after watching more and more of SNSD, I realized that telling them apart wasn’t that difficult at all. Especially that Yuri has a slightly darker skin tone. Gawd, not just that, I couldn’t tell Tiffany from Jessica before either!!! The heck, right? Something’s wrong with my eyes…

But oh my gawd, why am I even drifting far away from my topic? Haha! Lol. Anyway, to be honest, Yuri isn’t my favorite Soshi. In fact, if I would have to rank the gurls, I would place her last on my favorite list… Of course I don’t dislike her! I just realized that I can’t relate to her the way I can connect with the other members.

I didn’t have this inclination before until I watched ‘Hello Baby’. When every body was saying how funny she was in their show, the only opinion I have of her was ‘unnatural‘. I don’t know… I don’t want to say she’s fake but I really don’t think she was ‘truly‘ sincere with most of her antics. It’s as if it’s all for show. She’s trying too hard to look charming on screen. I mean, of course the show was created to give laughs and give us some fan service but unlike the others, I think she’s someone who opted to ‘act‘ instead of being herself. And that impression lingered. I watched a lot of their variety shows and the same feel kept on arising. Even when Sunny and Yuri were obviously the most popular icon from Invincible Youth, I can’t help but have more fun watching Narsha, Hyomin, Sunhwa, Hara or HyunA. It’s weird… Even her kkab isn’t very appealing in my opinion. Sooyoung and Hyoyeon would be a better kkab than her and can make everything 900% funnier.

^ This particular vid isn’t exactly funny. But when Yuri cried after talking with Tiffany, I thought it was really going overboard just to create a “mood“. She was trying too hard…? Still, I don’t know exactly what she’s going through so I’ll let this pass… That was just me being so anal. It just, that particular scene, makes me cringe sometimes…

^However, this particular vid is funny. I swear, SNSD has the weirdest sleeping habits EVER!

I think I’m just really looking for something concrete to tie me to Yuri that’s why I’m not really too enthusiastic when I see these kind of clips from her.

However, despite of that minor thing, Yuri is of course deserving to be a member of Korea’s National Girl Group. If I may say so myself, Yuri has a very empowering presence on stage. The oozing confidence that radiates as soon as she walks the stage is breath taking. All 9 SNSD members can rock the stage but in my opinion, Yuri has the most commanding presence especially when she’s dancing (we’ll leave the singing part to Taeyeon of course). The way she presents herself is so amazing, that once you lay eyes on her, you’re already hypnotized.

^ I’m 900% straight but whenever I see this video, I can’t help but be gay for her… HAHA! What this fandom has done to me!!!! Seriously!

ˆ Wiping nosebleed. Yuri just have to wear that damn sexy outfit??!?!??!?!??

^ Not even SNSD’s song, but I think when Yuri dances Abracadabra, she set the world on fireeeee~! HAHA!!! And she got more camera time than any other gurls! That proves something.

The thing is, she’s very charismatic! She knows full well she’s smokin’ hawt and use that to her advantage! The smexy way she walks the stage… Her smexy careful selection of outfit… Her smexy expressions… She really knows how to take advantage of all her merits. I don’t know how many times I drooled after watching her on stage.. She changes into a completely different person! And I can be sooo gay for her, too! Lol!

Amongst SNSD, she’s arguably the one with the best S-line. I AGREE 100%!!! Some members are just skinny like YoonA and Sooyoung. Some are a bit rounded like Sunny or Taeyeon. Some are slim but has a weird body proportions like Tiffany. Some have great bodies but are unfortunately lacking in height like Huoyeon and Jessica… There’s also some who has the potential to be sexy but chose to be otherwise like Seohyun. She’s still embarrassed to wear revealing clothes that she covers her chest or belly part when off the screen.

ˆWhen she came out wearing that one piece dress… OMFG!!!! Just… OMFG….

It’s only Yuri who can pull off a real sexy image effortlessly and actually fits her nonetheless :3

Her dancing style is also compelling! She can connect with the audience and put them in a trance. Hyoyeon is hailed as their dancing queen but I prefer Yuri (Sooyoung and Jessica) in this aspect. Haha, she defines the word ‘sexy‘ in SNSD, no doubt :3

Also, this would come out as a bit of a surprise but I actually like her singing voice. She has a good voice color and a little husky, too. It’s different from Tiffany but it’s there. That adds to her sexy charm. Haha! Amongst the members that aren’t the main vocalist, she’s the one who gets the most lines in a song. She even sang the first line in Bad Girls! That almost never happens for a non-main-vocalist! It has always been Taeyeon, Seohyun or Jessica! That’s why kudos for her :3

Unfortunately, Yuri’s not as confident with her singing capabilities.. She seemed always nervous and tense. And while promoting ‘The Boys’ it’s so disappointing how she was always lip syncing when it comes to singing her part. It’s so obvious it’s heart breaking :c

Well, I hope she builds more self confidence especially now that SM’s released an official statement that they are to release SNSD sub-groups in a cycle. Maybe we’ll see Yuri in a sub group real soon! Now that’s something to look forward to!

Currently, Yuri’s busy withher drama Fashion King. I haven’t watch it personally so I don’t have the right to say anything when it comes to Yuri’s acting. She’s portraying a character so different from her own personality so in a way, I am quite curious as to how she carried her role… Well, all blessings and good luck to her! I think her drama is doing good. Yuri-ah, hwaiting!!!! I’ll watch your drama when I get the chance!!! Also YoonA’s Love Rain!

 – – –

Fast Fact:

(Confession of a SONE)

Lately, our gurls have been dominating every field of entertainment and I cannot hide my excitement and fear of it. It’s good that each of the members explore a different side of them when it comes to variety shows, being MCs/Musical actresses or main stars in their own respective dramas. This means more exposure and gained experiences for them. And in a way, it’s a great opportunity for SONES to see more of the gurls more often compared to when they are just promoting their songs once in a bluemoon…

I guess the only thing that’s kinda tugging in my chest is that, with all of the gurls busy with their own thing, in a way, it seems like this is the beginning of the end… I think that’s something every SONEs are afraid of. For the 9 gurls to finally break up… And to add, there are rumors that some of the members contracts are reaching its end term, as well.

As a SONE, of course I want SNSD to be our forever… Power of 9. But like the gurls, they know full well that, that’s not even possible no matter how they love being with each other. Eventually, they would have to grow up separately and mature as individuals…


But instead of thinking of it that way, I’ll just stay positive and think how this changes would help their growth as an independent person.

On a different note, on the 29th, TaeTiSeo’s mini album would finally be unleashed for the whole world to see!!! The past few days had been very excruciating for all of the SONEs who couldn’t seem to wait until the single is finally released! I am one of those people who satisfied themselves watching the teasers repeatedly! I was literally raping the repeat button on youtube! It doesn’t help that the three 17-second long teaser clips for Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun was so explosive!!! And the song is amazing!!!! And its so fabulous!!! And it’s addicting!!! And OMG!!!! This is too much for my heart to ahndle!!!! On the 29th, we’ll hear the new songs and on May 2nd, we’ll be able to view the much awaited music video!!!!


For now, leaving a relevant TaeTiSeo picture to brighten your day even more ❤

(True SONEs would know :3)

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  2. this is very good but i love yuri a lot lot lot since debut.. i don’t know why i became so attracted to her shes very KKAP… shes very true to herself.. and many videos can prove that… its just my own opinion though… LOVE YURI

    • Oh I totally agree with you! I actually like her randomness and whenever she embarrasses herself coz she’s just really cute. LOL!!! And don’t you like it when she talks to herself, as well? Te-hee!

  3. I love all the girls but Yuri is one of my favorite. OMG, she just have the sexiest swag Ive ever seen in kpop..If you just watch her in you tube (2010-08-21 yuri fancam snsd dance battle sm town live concert) you’ll be awed to how she really dance…Im a girl but she has this thing that makes me think otherwise! lol!… And she’s funny too.

    • Dude, I completely agree with you. I am so straight but I can be so gay for Yuri!!! The way she dances is just so… Ugh! I like her during variety shows, too especially during Invincible Youth!

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