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SNSD Project: Im YoonA

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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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Im YoonA

When we talk about YoonA, the first thing that comes to mind is her flawless Goddess beauty. Although I wouldn’t choose her as SNSD center image (I’ve always thought Tiffany deserved that title for some reason), I wouldn’t deny the fact that she’s really, REALLY beautiful. Her smiling face is enough to melt both men and women’s heart. She has this innocent look that nobody can really compare to.

I’ve seen so many pictures of her and honestly speaking, whichever angle the picture was shot, you’ll feel her beauty radiating. Though it’s really all the same for the other 8 members. It’s just that for YoonA, her pure and innocent look is more apparent. (to elaborate, Yuri is more of the sexy type, Sunny’s cute, Seohyun’s mature look, Taeyeon’s dorky cuteness, Tiffany’s gorgeous, Jessica’s really chic, Sooyoung is model-like and Hyoyeon equals badass :3).

However it’s funny that YoonA is like the epitome of being a Goddess but on a regular day, she’s just your regular ‘immature gurl’ next door who simply loves to have fun. Although we can only see a fraction of her choding antics through variety shows and laid back interviews, it’s enough to get a glimpse outside her perfect image.

YoonA, so pretty since little :3


I love how she’s so fun loving. She laughs a lot and very humorous. I love how she loves playing with her unnies especially pretending to be a kid and annoy everybody with her unbearable aegyo. I, personally speaking, loves it. Unfortunately for her, to the other members, it’s so detestable that even the Aegyo Queen herself would graciously choose to push her off the stairs than hear it.

True story. 





During variety shows like Hello Baby, SNSD and the Dangerous Boys to name a few, are also some of the shows that showcase her playful self. Despite her angelic face, she also have an uncanny way of being a bully and a prankster. Partner her up with Yuri and Sooyoung and you get the perfect duo to do all the evil plans >:3 being second youngest member, she always chooses Seohyun as a pawn. And who would forget the time when they were bullying Seohyun on her birthday? This Yoong was such an instigator, she thoroughly put maknae in an awkward situation. Haha!






Also, who would forget the story about five of the SNSD members sneaking into an amusement park? It’s a pretty lame if I’ll leave it at that but did i mention that these same dorks actually went there wearing their ‘Scream’ masks? Even taking pictures as a proof!!! Really… These dorkyshidae gurls are something… They have great relationships with one another and are able to jive quite well.

Not just with her members but YoonA also have good chemistry with other people. I guess her easy going personality plays a big role for that. I can never forget the day she joined the Family for ‘Family Outing’… That one’s really funny! She was really cool especially during those momenta where Daesung always tease her. His pick up lines were DAEBAK!!! I’m happy that YoonA was very entertaining as well :3 She’s good with variety shows as well like Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Sunny. Her episode was soooo much better compared to Tiffany’s or Taeyeon’s (and they are respectively my first and second bias. Coincidentally, YoonA ranks number 8 as my favorite Soshi). During her two appearances on Running Man, we were given a chance to watch a good show. She was sooo funny even without Yuri. Haha!

As an SNSD member, she’s more of a dancer than a singer but like Hyoyeon, all she needs is more lines. As long as she’ll sing a song fitting her vocal range, she’ll be perfect :3 But her dancing is good. She’s an elegant dancer and she’s pleasant to the eyes.


^There would be a lot of clips to showcase her dancing talent but purposely putting this up coz I love this episode :3 This is not even at the level that you would call a ‘stage performance‘ but she still pulled it off flawlessly. And Hyori loved it!

Amongst her 8 sister, she’s the first one to venture into acting. I’ve never really seen any of her dramas before but I heard she’s pretty good in that field and I can only congratulate for that. It is said that ‘Love Rain‘ wasn’t getting high ratings… But for 12 countries to buy the rights to show them in their homeland kinda makes up for it, wouldn’t it? And FYI, Philippines is one of the countries who bought the rights for the drama. Woot!

I wish to watch it as well. Jang Geun Suk was also there. And I think it will really fun! Never really watched it, like I said, except for this particular kissing scene… I dunno what you’ll think of me but I honestly felt more jealous of Jang Geun Suk than of YoonA…



And I’m straight! Haha! I think it’s the small part of me that doesn’t want to share SNSD… But come on… Regardless of that, JGS has always been a good kisser. Like seriously. Remember her kissing clip with Park Shin Hye? Haha! And that clip from Love Rain, JGS was seriously devouring YoonA. Lol! Best kiss ever! Even though YoonA didn’t do anything, JGS was working it just fine.

But that aside, I do wish to watch it. It’s gonna be ‘Endless Love’ all over again.. Te-hee!!!


When I talk about YoonA, it seemed like all fun and games but really, this gurl had her own share of hardships.

It’s quite heartbreaking that this gurl received the most hate from the netizen for being the center image of SNSD and the recipient of most male idol’s ‘ideal gurl‘ title. These delusional fans of course used that very shallow reasoning to hate on her because whut? Their precious oppars, that doesn’t even know of their existence, can’t help but like this gurl… It’s really painful to hear YoonA getting scared of the cameras at one point because she’s afraid of all the criticism she’ll get even if she just blinks or stand still. The amount of hate she gets doesn’t reciprocate any rational reasonings… :c and although I don’t know a lot about this gurl, I can’t help but hurt for her as well :c

Just like you and me, this gurl has feelings. If she’s not skilled in one aspect, let her grow and improve instead of downing her even more. Give her a breather and just enjoy. If you can’t, just don’t watch her and stop bashing her. *sigh* Such a simple solution to a simple question.

I admit I don’t monitor her as closely as the other members but I love her all the same. I hope it’s the same for everybody. Don’t be a fake SONE or a groundless hater because at the end of the day, no matter how much negative feelings you have for her, you will never ever be as good as her. All your hating are just left in vain. As you get corrupted by the ugliness of your heart, YoonA will just soar the heaven with her humbleness and the desire to make the rest of us happy.

Haha! This SNSD Project featuring YoonA was meant to discuss why I love this gurl as an SNSD member. I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this but I feel the need to do so. To Im YoonA, the amount of hate you get is tripled by the love we give you as a true supporter! Always hwaiting!